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5 Best Wholesale Cabochon Suppliers

Updated on January 27, 2016

What is a cabochon

A cabochon is a focal style element without a hole. These can be wire wrapped, used with bails, or put in special settings made specifically for cabochons. You can get cabochons in a large number of different materials, shape sizes, colors, etc etc. Below is a list of five sites that sell cabochon at low rates and have a good inventory that can be chosen from!


This website has so many amazing items ranging much farther from simply cabochons. This is the site that I do the majority of my shopping for any jewelry supplies but their cabochons are beautiful and sturdy, and they have the largest selection I've ever seen on any website. They have cabochons ranging from simple plastic ones, to dichroic glass, to gemstones. They also carry hundreds of wires for wrapping your cabochons and hundreds of settings to glue them in. They have the glue style settings, they also have claw settings, pinch bails, and spoon bails so you have plenty to choose from based on whatever your personal preferences are.


This site is one that I have not personally used but I fully plan to. They have a huge variety of gemstone cabochons at very low prices and their shipping is pretty decent as well. This is a great site for those of you who would like to buy supplies at a low price but not in huge bulk. They have beautiful stones and my next order of cabochons I fully intend to get from here. They also sell a large range of findings mostly gemstone specific but still for great prices.


This sites prices are a little high for my preference from a wholesale retailer but their shipping levels it out a bit and makes it reasonable. This site has quality gemstone cabochons and a large variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. For 2 cabochons it's about 4.50 which really isn't bad but wholesale suppliers usually have lower rates. I intend to order from this site because of the stones that they have available and the shapes they're available in. Many of these stones are very expensive in other places but they are fairly priced here.


This site has a large variety of real gemstones and synthetic gemstones to choose from. Again this site has their rates set a bit higher than the typical wholesale supplier but they seem to have high quality pieces and to my location the shipping is relatively low. They have many shapes and sizes available and their about 1-3 dollars per cabochon though there are many more expensive that that if you buy them larger. I intend to order from this site though I have not yet I like the variety of shapes that they have in specific gemstones this variety is one that I have not seen in many other places, and though the prices are a bit high for a wholesale retailer they are still lower than that of a typical store.


This site is much more expensive than the typical wholesale supplier but what makes this site preferable is that they sell faceted stones. They sell faceted amethysts, ruby, sapphire etc. The prices on those for a faceted stone are very reasonable prices. Most places I have bought faceted stones from they are outrageously expensive but this site has very fair prices set and from what I can tell their shipping is pretty low at least to my location. I have not personally ordered from this site but I do intend to, to buy some faceted gemstones.


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