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5 mistakes to avoid when designing a logo

Updated on August 31, 2017
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Simon is an experienced Web & Apps Designer. He has done Bachelors in Computer sciences. Plus, Simon has expertise in writing blogs as well.


A unique brand identity is imperative for every business to have its own in the market. The first and foremost step is to design a distinct logo that complements the forte of your business. Most of the entrepreneurs tend to forget that this is the most critical aspect of your business and needs to be taken seriously. However, the seriousness is mostly ignored by businesses, which turns out to be a catastrophe in time. Therefore, here are some mistakes that entrepreneurs and designers make when designing a logo.

Not seeking help of a professional

Designing a logo is not an easy job and requires professional attention and supervision. It should not be deemed as a combination of fonts, colors, and shapes. A logo is an identity of your brand and a good logo requires extensive research, planning and finally creativity symbolically relevant to your brand. Therefore, it is not astute decision to ask your friend or someone you know with little or no experience in designing a logo just to save money and time.

Doing it yourself

People tend to shoulder all the responsibilities when they are starting the business. This is likely due to lack of trust, confidence, or finance. It does not serve any logo design for the better if it is being designed by someone with no experience at all. The purpose of a logo is to be perfect for various applications. It is often printed on business cards, letter heads, used in mobile apps and websites. Therefore, it should be professionally designed by someone with experience and would be compatible with all applications.

Stock Logos

One of the biggest problems when completing a task or a project is looking for shortcuts. Similarly, the task of logo design can be shortened if one uses stock logos. These are present everywhere and if any stock logo is used then the probability is high that the same design is being used by another company or companies. Therefore, rather than to look for shortcuts and save money, it is best to have a logo, which can be registered and is a trademark of your brand.

Following Trends

Designers tend to look for a design, which is according to the trends in the market. However, a logo should have a certain level of consistency so that it serves the objectives, which is to help people recognize and remember your brand. If you keep on changing your logo, it becomes difficult for people to remember your brand and the target audience might end up doubting your brand’s integrity.

Copying others logos

The last and most important thing is to not copy another logo. This is completely unethical and also a crime. Logos are considered to be intellectual property and such actions can be regarded as serious copyright and trademark violation.

Therefore, it is imperative to avoid such mistakes when designing a logo in order to establish your brand as a distinguished unit in the market. Do not consider saving some time and money and put your brand identity at risk. It’s important to seek professional consultation and skills for designing a top-notch logo.


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