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5-Petal Crochet Orchid

Updated on December 8, 2011

Motif Description

A lovely 5-petal flower inspired from a 6-petal orchid crochet pattern which almost looks like a star - that's what this pattern is.

Required Crochet Skill

Aside from basic crochet stitches, knowledge on how to make stitch around a post is essential. If you don not know it yet, this is the time to learn. Working stitches around a post only requires you to insert your hook somewhere else. Don't worry, I provided WIP (work in progress) pictures about this part to help you.

This flower is part of Dr. Jeckyll's Crochet Flower Experiments

What You Need

small amount of yarn in two complementing colors

Note: Yes, this is worked in plarn*. Wonderful colors of plastic bags, right?

Click here to learn the methods of making plarn. and conditioning it for crochet.

Crochet Instructions

Round 1: Ch 2, 5 sc in first  ch, sl st to first sc. Turn.

Round 2: (Ch 5, 4 sc starting with the second ch from hook, sl st into sc, sl st into next sc.) 5x. Ch 2, turn.

Round 3: (Sc around post of round-1 sc {see WIP pictures below} , ch 2.) 5x. Sl st to first sc. Turn.

Where my hook is inserted is the post of this particular round-1 sc.

Pull your yarn through and make your sc.

This is how it would look when your done with the this round.

Round 4: (Ch 6, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next, hdc in next, dc in next and tr in last ch. Sl st to next sc.) 5x. Ch 2, turn.

Round 5: (Sc around post of round-3 sc, ch 5) 5x. Sl st to first sc. Turn.

Break off and change yarn.

Round 6: [In ch-5 sp, (3 dc, 3tr, 1 dtr, ch 3, sl st to 1st ch, 1 dtr, 3 tr, 3 dc), sl st to next sc] 5x.

Optional: If the petal formed does not hold its shape...

Round 7: (7 sl st up across petal, sk ch-3, 7 sl st down across petal) 5x.


The original crochet orchid pattern that I found in,

run by a wonderful person making caps for people who lost their

hair due to chemotherapy.

I Love Comments! - Let me know what you think

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    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 6 years ago from Scotland

      Beautiful! just beutiful and thankyou for the phot instructions too! I may even try this

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Wow, that is very pretty. Lovely lens.

    • MoiraCrochetsPl profile image

      MoiraCrochetsPl 6 years ago

      Thanks so much everyone. Your comments make my day.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Beautiful and you make it look so easy, which i doubt it is

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 6 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      blessed by squid angel

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 6 years ago from United States

      Your crocheted flowers are all lovely!

    • profile image

      nattybags 6 years ago

      Beautiful and with a good cause. Thank you!

    • profile image

      GiftsBonanza 6 years ago

      Just lovely!

    • MoiraCrochetsPl profile image

      MoiraCrochetsPl 6 years ago

      Thank you everyone for your appreciation.

    • MoiraCrochetsPl profile image

      MoiraCrochetsPl 6 years ago

      @Wednesday-Elf: It isn't if you stay away from thick and heavy plastic bags. ^^,

    • retta719 profile image

      Loretta 6 years ago from United States

      Beautiful! :)

    • jmsp206 profile image

      Julia M S Pearce 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      These are beautiful!Thanks for showing us

    • profile image

      happynutritionist 6 years ago

      Another delightful flower...nicely done!

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Darling 5-petal crochet orchid. I've never tried crocheting with plarn - is it hard to cut the strips evenly?

    • MoiraCrochetsPl profile image

      MoiraCrochetsPl 6 years ago

      @GonnaFly: Thanks a lot! But its not hard to crochet the plarn I used for this. It's pliable enough for crochet.

    • GonnaFly profile image

      Jeanette 6 years ago from Australia

      Moira, you are so talented! Is it harder to crochet with that plastic yarn? It looks like it wouldn't slip as well.