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50 Great Digital Scrapbooking Projects

Updated on September 19, 2016

Personalized gifts are always the most appreciated ones and digital scrapbooking is one of the greatest ways to create such gifts.  I present here 50 projects.  Some of them could be created fairly fast; some of them could take months to create.  Their costs vary too.

Personalize your calendar by putting your family members  pictures on it.
Personalize your calendar by putting your family members pictures on it.


This project is by far my favourite because a calendar is an object you look at every day and are never bored of it since its images change every month.

I want to share one particular calendar project which involves your family members’ birthday. I did that last year and everyone in my family loved it so much that they asked me to do another one for next year!

The idea is to include as many members of your family as you like in order to have all the months - or most of them – presenting one person or more. For each person, include at least one picture of the person, its birth date and the age they turn this particular year. Sweet words or sincere wishes such as “Happy birthday to the greatest grandmother of all” are always a good idea! Obviously, do not include the age of people you think wouldn’t like others to know. If you have a month with more than one family member’s birthday, it could be just more fun to think about and create a page including these 2 persons or more. And if you have a month where it’s no one’s birthday, just create a beautiful presentation including pictures of all the grandchildren of the family or all the pets or just a great picture you’re proud of. The important thing, I think, it’s that all the pictures were taken by you or one of your family members. For this particular project, I had to ask my family members to send me digital pictures because there were some people I haven’t any picture of.

For the impression of your calendar, you may look at your favourite place for online photo service. I know that nowadays even grocery stores offer such services. Just ask if they print calendars. I printed mine through my pharmacy online photo service. The cost is about $20 CAD for one calendar.

Change of season is a great source of inspiration.
Change of season is a great source of inspiration.


Today, there’s more and more companies that offer free software to create photo books. The ones I created were with PhotoInPress and had a really professional finish. My mother in law didn’t believe me at first when I told her I did her book with her wedding pictures. She really didn’t understand how I did and I think, even after explanations, she still dazzled!

Anyway, creating a photo book which such software is so easy! You can put as much as 16 pictures in one page; though, since you want to add your best digital scrapbooking pieces of art in that particular case, you may want to put only one on each page. You can even add comments or thoughts if you like in the book. Prices vary according to the kind, the size, the number of pages of the book and the delivery mode you choose (and obviously, the place you would like the book to be sent).

Three kinds of books could be created:

--> Books with old material only. Why not gather all your previous digital work and put it in one book? If you have too much for one book, you may choose your favourites creations or go for theme books.

--> Books with new material only. If digital scrapbooking is new to you or if you feel very creative or have a lot of time ahead, this kind of book could be a great idea. Here’s a few themes you may want to consider:

- Animals (Reunite pictures of all the animals your family had or wish
you had)
- Children – Grandchildren
(Add some funny kids expressions to
your book, like “Pumpkins? They grow on balconies!”)
- Food
(Cook your favourite recipes, take pictures and create a
- Holidays (Gather pictures of each holidays in a year or gather
pictures of one particular holiday since x years)
- Nature
(Show your garden, your flowers, your apple tree in blossom,
- Seasons
(Present your favourite family places (like houses,
playground, etc.) in every season)
- Sports
(Show your kids practicing sports or go for a book including
your favourite team/player digital creations)
- Wedding (Embellish your parent’s wedding pictures for their next
wedding anniversary)

--> Books with old and new material. This kind of book is great because your previous work could inspire you to explore more one particular theme.


Collages are ideal when you want to focus on one person or one thing and put it in a frame.  They allow you to present this person/thing evolution, like a child since its birth up to today or your courtyard since you bought your house and improve it.

I like this digital project because it is not too long to create and it can be the size you feel free to do it.  You may want to choose a standard size though if you want to buy a low-cost frame because a non-standard frame could be very expensive.  The standard sizes for frames are: 5” x 7”, 8” x 10”, 8 ½” x 11”, 9” x 12”, 11” x 14”, 14” x 18”, 16” x 20”, 18” x 24”, 20” x 24”, 22” x 28”, and 24” x 30”. I recently did a 12” x 16” collage, bought a 12” x 18” frame and add blue stripes on each side with cardboard.  It was correct, but I would have preferred having made a 12” x 18” collage knowing the thing about standard frame sizes.  Also, beware of the way you print your work.  My 12” x 16” collage was looking great on my computer with the online photo service I used, but once printed, I discovered that a little bit of every side of it was cropped in the process.  You may want to leave big margins even if your image looks weird on your computer.

Homemade and unique cards are the best gifts of all!
Homemade and unique cards are the best gifts of all!


Every special occasion or everyday thoughts are good reasons to offer cards.  And since cards could be really expensive, I believe creating personalized and low-cost cards is a wonderful idea.  Moreover, since we rarely are able to find cards including the exact words, thoughts or images we want to share, creating our own cards with advanced digital software like Photoshop or simple software like Paint, is even more special.

To create your card, you could also choose the size you want, but think about the maximum size of your printer if you want to print your work at home.  I think that 5” x 7” is a great size for any card.

Since you will need some material like cardboard to stick your digital creation on it, it allows you to be even more creative.  Like you can let a blank part in your digital work and cut it once it is printed in order to draw something in this hole on the cardboard.


Every year for my children I create a 4” x 6” or a 5” x 7” invitation for their birthday. Depending on the size I choose, it cost me between $0.15 CAD and $1 CAD per invitation (plus the cost of envelopes and post stamps). Yes, I am aware that at one point they wouldn’t want me to send it to all of our friends and family, but for now, I feel like I HAVE to do it! I like it so much and I think that our relatives like it too receiving it. It goes so well on any refrigerator!

Invitations though have not absolutely to be about birthday. Here are some ideas of invitation you can make with digital scrapbooking:

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Dinner
  • Graduation
  • Holiday
  • Show/Theatre piece you’re in
  • Wedding

When I create my invitations, I use my online photo service to print it and don’t even bother sticking a cardboard on the back (to hide the name of the file printed on it), but you may want to do it since it would give a nice finishing touch to your work.

A digital scrapbooking postcard takes some time to create, but is so original!
A digital scrapbooking postcard takes some time to create, but is so original!


I’ve never done it probably because I have not travelled so far and for a long time since I’m into digital scrapbooking, but I believe that if you bring your laptop with you and have access to a printer it is a great project.  Think about it: you can create a digital image including many places you visited and send it to your family once instead of sending one postcard after each location you visited. 

The best for this project is to prepare your material before travelling.  A standard post card is about 4” x 6” so you may want to cut a few white cardboard of this size and bring them with you.

Everyone likes doing puzzles, so create a beautiful collage and make it print at your favourite local online photo service.
Everyone likes doing puzzles, so create a beautiful collage and make it print at your favourite local online photo service.

3D projects

Online photo services offer a great variety of 3D personalized project. I believe using digital scrapbooking instead of a plain picture give them even more personality. Without naming it (!), Walmart Photo Centre offers lots of possibilities.

Here are some projects I found online:

Apron, baby bib, bag, blanket, ceramic tile, cutting board, glass coffee table, hat, mouse pad, mug, notebook, note pad, pillowcase, pillow, playing cards, poster, puzzles, serving tray, shoes, shorts, step tool, sweat shirt, ties, T-Shirt, wallet, water bottle, etc.

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      Hi, I have seen the books on a tv ad, they look really great, I will definitely have a go at them, I have so many photos. All your ideas are spot on, thanks!

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