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Lots of Hot Summer Crafts for Everyone

Updated on September 16, 2014
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Marie (aka CraftyMarie) has written hundreds of craft pages across the Internet. She writes many fun tutorials mostly for adult crafters.

Lots of hot summer crafts for everyone to enjoy
Lots of hot summer crafts for everyone to enjoy | Source

Cool Crafts for Kids and Adults to Make Over the Summer Season: Tutorials for Everyone to Enjoy

The long and hot school holidays are here and I put together this resource page full of lots of great summertime crafts. If you need to keep kids happy at home, there's some popular activities included including the hot, hot, hot, rubber loom band craze. And there are plenty of tutorials and things to make for older children, teens and adults, parents and grandparents too. Something to keep the whole family happy and occupied!

Many of the crafts have a summery theme from butterflies and bugs, sweet treats, juicy fruits, beach and flip flops, parties and flowers. So you can enjoy browsing the whole page to get some ideas on what to try or you can jump straight into a section of interest. I hope this keeps you busy and having fun.

Please Note: originally there were actually 50 listed projects. However, I have had to currently reduce that number slightly due to my work moving to a new platform.

1) Keep Kids Happy With Hot Loom Band Crafts

How to Make Beaded Rubber Band Rainbow Loom Bracelets
How to Make Beaded Rubber Band Rainbow Loom Bracelets | Source

Sweet Beaded Loom Band Bracelet - A Crazy Hot Craft For Kids and Adults to Enjoy Working on Together

If you're entertaining school-age children this summer whether it is your own kids, grandkids, children for a party or activity session - one thing that is likely to be a huge hit is doing a rubber band craft. I know from my experience that my daughter and her friends have gone crazy mad over these things and she's always talking to me about different designs and can we learn how to do this one Mommy!

Thankfully this is a relatively inexpensive activity to keep children amused. You can get the rubber loom bands really cheaply and many children are happy to make designs using their fingers. Otherwise there are lots of loom kits and brands. The one I'm most happy to recommend for beginners (since we've had great luck with it) is the mini Monster Tail loom which is shown below.

A very cute project once you've got the basics under you belt is to combine beads along with the bands to create really pretty pieces of wearable jewelry. With this technique, you can make bracelets, hairbands, belts, keychains, rings and anklets. We love to combine our perler beads (since we have so many) along with the Rainbow Loom bands but you can also use pony beads and other beads with wide enough holes for the bands to squeeze through.

See How to Make Beaded Bands Here with my Photo Tutorial

Rubber Band Loom Kits and Supplies

Make Sure You Stock Up for the Long Summer Days! If you are entertaining school-age children during the summer holidays, you can bet that they will at least have heard of Rainbow Loom rubber bands, if not be already actively making bracelets, necklaces, keychains, cords and other items with this hot craze. My own daughter picked this up from school and then ended up getting me addicted to it too as we worked on patterns and projects together. Here's some handy supplies.

Monster Tail Mini Loom Bracelet
Monster Tail Mini Loom Bracelet

If you don't already have a loom, the mini Monster Tail is a great one to get and inexpensive to buy too. This kit comes with everything that is needed including plenty of bands for kids to use. Since it is small, it's ideal to take on vacation too.


2) Juicy Summer Fruit Themed Tutorials

Sweet red cherry perler beads embellishments to make
Sweet red cherry perler beads embellishments to make | Source

Easy Embellishment to Create With Fused Perler or Hama Beads

We eat lots of fruit in this season and cherries are a firm favorite. You can combine and easy fused perler bead pattern to make pink or red cherries and tie a couple together with some cute patterned ribbon to make a quick and easy embellishment that can then be sewn onto a handmade card (life is like a bowl of cherries - just thinking up a suitable sentiment there) a hat, a bag or even onto a small pillow or cushion which is what I keep meaning to do.

I really enjoy it more than ever when I use more than one craft technique together that way. This pattern can be made by older kids or adults - it's an easy pattern but a little fiddly since it is small. You really need at least two cherry pieces to work together and it makes it easier if you have more than one circle pegboard to use - small or large - since only having one would mean a grown up having to iron one cherry before being able to make the next one.

Find the Full Photo Cherry Pattern Tutorial on my Website

Pretty Kit of Perler Beads

Perler Beads Cupcakes and Butterflies Fused Bead Kit
Perler Beads Cupcakes and Butterflies Fused Bead Kit

This is a cute kit with butterfly, heart and cupcake shaped boards, beads and ironing paper. The cupcake design is very cute - there are lots of kits available if there's more than one child to keep entertained.

Sweet Summer Strawberries Crochet Photo Tutorial
Sweet Summer Strawberries Crochet Photo Tutorial | Source

Crochet Some Plump Strawberries - Cute Embellishments for Hats, Cushions, Banners and More

This was the year I finally taught myself to crochet. Now I regret all the years I've missed out on not doing this wonderful yarn craft. You can make so many cool things from pincushions, throw pillows, blankets, afghan throws, toys, clothes, motifs, 3d designs and more. You're really only limited by your imagination. Just a hook and some yarn and you're well on the way.

This crochet strawberry design was one of the first that I made up - it's not exactly original in concept since there are already a lot of different designs and patterns out there based on this popular fruit. But this one is how I made mine.

Strawberries look very cute as motifs for baby hats, pillows, bags, purses, as pretend play food for kids and as I used it to make a little hanging banner as wall décor. They are quick, cute and fairly easy to make - a good introduction to amigurumi and toy making if you've never tried that yet with crochet.

See the Full Photo Tutorial for Making Crochet Strawberries

Sunny Fused Perler Bead Kits

Perler beads are not just for children, there are plenty of adults who love used this fun fused beads too, but they a very good choice for getting kids to sit down and concentrate on something for a while. These regular ones are normally fine for school aged children and above.

I advise putting everything on a rimmed tray so that if any beads are knocked over (these are small) then they are contained in the tray. Patterns can be made with the shaped peg boards either just by adding on random colors or by finding patterns online - there are lots of pattern projects referenced on this page. Kits often help to keep kids occupied for a while.

Perler Beads Sunny Days Activity Bucket
Perler Beads Sunny Days Activity Bucket

The themed sunny days activity kit is ideal for summer and has everything needed to get started with 3 different shaped pegboards, beads and the special ironing paper too that an adult needs to iron over the patterns to melt or fuse them together.

Perler Fused Bead Tray 4000/Pkg-Stripes 'n Pearls
Perler Fused Bead Tray 4000/Pkg-Stripes 'n Pearls

This contains beads only so you already need to have some boards and ironing paper handy. But I love this set as it contains very cute pearly and striped beads which are more unusual if you're already used to just using plain ones.


3) Flip Flop and Beach Crafts

The Totally Tropical Flip Flop Welcome Door Hanger Template and Tutorial
The Totally Tropical Flip Flop Welcome Door Hanger Template and Tutorial | Source

Make a Flip Flop Door Decoration - To Add in a Splash of Tropical Fun to Your Home

Flip flops are my favorite type of sandal to slip my feet into during the warmer weather - and they're a favorite for many other people too. Give a bedroom door, dorm door or front door a bit of a tropical beach makeover with this hanging flip flop door decoration. You can put your name on it, room or house number or a nice greeting phrase like Hola or Welcome.

This is an easy craft which was made with craft foam, cardstock, paper, cord and embellishments. This could easily be an adult and child project to work on together if the adult makes up the basic shoe design and lets the child go crazy with decorating it. Girls and boys could make these for their own bedroom and stick their name on using letter stickers.

Just to make it even easier, there is a free printable template included that you can use. Or if you are good at drawing, you can use the idea as inspiration and make your own design with your own flip flop shape. Tip: you can of course draw around a clean flip flop.

Grab the Free Template and Flip Flop Door Hanger Tutorial Here

Cricut Beach Cartridge
Cricut Beach Cartridge

If you have the very popular Cricut cutting machine, you can enjoy plenty of paper craft projects on a beachy theme. This cartridge is packed full of motifs, words and alphabet for cutting items for your handmade cards and scrapbook layouts. Loads of options to explore.

How to Make Fun Beaded Perler Hama Beads Flip Flops
How to Make Fun Beaded Perler Hama Beads Flip Flops | Source

Fun Perler Bead Flip Flops - Cute Beaded Sandal Embellishments Ideal for Handmade Cards

Yes, I'm mad on perler beads in case no one had noticed! I designed these tiny flip flop sandals which are made using the fused beads in two different ways with the beads being strung onto thin cord to create the beaded straps.

Use these mini flip flops and sandals as 3D embellishments, to hang on keychains, as themed party favors, bag and purse décor or something else.

Find How to Make Beaded Flip Flops Here

Cool Beach Themed Craft Kits

Flip Flop Sandals are a Fun Firm Favorite. I don't know about you but I can't wait to get my feet into a cool pair of flip flops for the hotter and warmer days and I really enjoy crafts based on these cute summer sandals. Here's some kits that you should enjoy.

Make Your Own Flip Flop Fashion Kit - Makes 2 Pairs - One for you, One for a friend
Make Your Own Flip Flop Fashion Kit - Makes 2 Pairs - One for you, One for a friend

This is a kit to make and decorate two pairs of flip flops in both a small and medium size with a cute pink cheetah pattern and a hot black zebra one. Lots of included embellishments to bling them up.

Midwest Products Mosaic Flip Flop Stepping Stone Kit
Midwest Products Mosaic Flip Flop Stepping Stone Kit

For more of an adult based projects (kids can help out too) is this very cute flip flop stepping stone kit which is ideal to make a fun decoration for your garden that you can enjoy year after year.


4) Beautiful Bugs and Butterflies

10 Best Butterfly Crafts for Adult Crafters to Enjoy
10 Best Butterfly Crafts for Adult Crafters to Enjoy | Source

10 Best Butterfly Projects to Make - Have a Go at These Crafts Designed for Adults to Enjoy

Butterflies are a popular theme for warmer months of the year and I enjoy making a lot of butterfly crafts myself, so I put together a set of 10 great crafts that use this beautiful winged insect as the source of inspiration.

You will see how to make some beautiful glitter paper butterflies and many other favorites right from that page. This is one of my personal best themes that I love to work on in the warmer months.

See My Chosen Set of 10 Favorite Butterfly Crafts Here

5) Cute Cupcakes and Sweet Treats

Cupcake shaped handmade cards are always a lot of fun to make
Cupcake shaped handmade cards are always a lot of fun to make | Source

Create a Cute Cupcake Shaped Card - Ideal to Make and Send for a Sweet Birthday

This cupcake shaped card is the exact same design I have used over and over for years of card making. I love this design so much that I just don't tire of making it in different color combinations and with different embellishments on top.

Cupcakes are a theme I really enjoy year round but especially for summer birthdays. Everyone loves a cupcake, right! You can enjoy this fat-free but tempting version which comes with a handy printable template to make it nice and easy for you. What is your cupcake flavor going to be? Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate, chocolate orange or something else. This is a fun project for people young and old to enjoy.

Make a Cupcake Shaped Card with a Free Template Here

An Ice Cold Popsicle Card

A Refreshingly Cool Paper Craft for Summertime! Fun shaped card projects are handmade items that adults and children can enjoy making together or making independently.

All the basics you need are cardstock, paper and scissors. What better way to celebrate the summertime than with a cool ice lolly popsicle card.

There is a free pattern template that you can print off to use to make this shaped card or you can come up with your very own shaped card creation based on an iced treat. This one uses a popsicle stick to look like the real thing and makes a neat surprise for the person who receives it.

Come and Make A Popsicle Card Here

6) Summer Party and Celebration Crafts

Bright Summer Crochet Pennant Banner Bunting Ideal for Parties
Bright Summer Crochet Pennant Banner Bunting Ideal for Parties | Source

Crochet Pennant Banner Party Bunting - Lots of Inspiration on Making Celebration Banners from Yarn

Crochet! I've gone a bit crochet mad this year since I discovered how easy it was to do and just how many more things I can make with this cool yarn craft. Bunting and banners are great - I love how you can instantly breathe some fun and life into a plain room with some bright and cheerful wall decorations.

For my daughter's birthday this year, I used crochet and other yarn crafts to make some colorful and cute wall décor and hangings. I made a pretty long blog post packed with pictures and showing what I'd done along with links to patterns and tutorials too. You can find that article named as Making Crochet Pennant Banner Bunting on my craftymarie website.

Perler beads make great little party favors which you can turn into magnets, jewelry, keychains and more
Perler beads make great little party favors which you can turn into magnets, jewelry, keychains and more | Source

Party Perler Bead Patterns - A Couple of Easy Pattern Projects for Kids or Adults

Putting crafts to more practical uses is something I relish. It's not just about making 'pretty' things but about making useful items and things that serve a purpose too. Last year I had a brain wave when wondering what to do about party favors for all the kids coming to my daughter's party - I didn't want it to end up costing a small fortune so I was racking my brain over what to do. Then I looked at the massive mountain of perler beads we keep stocked up and ready to use and I started to come up with a plan.

I decided to keep my costs down by making some small and simple fused bead designs that could be transformed easily into magnets and keychains for the party favors. I worked out that if I used the large peg boards, I could make more than one design on a board at a time making it quicker to work the designs and then iron them once done. So that's what I did and we loved the end results.

See How You Can Make Your Own Little Gifts from Fused Beads Here

7) Blooming Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful 3D Floral Paper Crafting - With Gorgeous Printed 3D Decoupage Sheets

A craft that I like to sit down on my own and do as an adult is 3D decoupage otherwise known as paper or papier tole. This gentle papercraft is something that will appeal to people who can enjoy something that is slower paced, requires a little patience and great cutting skills using a small and sharp pair of scissors or a craft knife.

Paper cutting is something I've always enjoyed - give me a pair of scissors and some paper and I'm really happy. With 3D decoupage, you can buy pre-printed sheets with repeats of the same design or elements of that design. You cut these pieces out carefully and then layer them up on top over the same part of the design using special silicone glue to give height or 3D foam squares. It creates a beautiful layered look ideal for very special handmade cards or box framed wall art. I hope you've enjoyed reading my lens or article today, thanks for your visit. Do have fun looking at the rest of the projects below and there is a poll to enjoy near the end of the page. Thank you.

See How to Start Making 3D Decoupage Crafts Here

Making Flowers to Embellish With

Whatever crafts you like to do, you can bet that flowers are involved somewhere. Floral crafts remain hugely popular with paper flowers being used to decorate scrapbook layouts, handmade cards and create cool paper sculptures and origami pieces. Knitting or crocheting floral motifs makes lovely embellishments that can be used to stitch onto blankets, afghan throws, pillows, clothing, hats and bags.

Fabulous Flowers: Create Pretty Paper Blossoms (Klutz)
Fabulous Flowers: Create Pretty Paper Blossoms (Klutz)

Klutz make fab books and kits for kids. This one's recommended for age 8 and up though some very crafter youngsters might be able to make these paper flowers with adult help. Step by step instructions and everything needed to make 20 fabulous flowers.

100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More
100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More

Knitters and crocheters have a book filled with 100 different floral motifs to make with yarn.


Find more on my NEW CraftyMarie Website!

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