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50 creative couple portrait poses and picture ideas

Updated on April 24, 2013

Couple photography is tough. Many clients want 50 beautiful shots in an hour. There are many key elements to a great couple's protrait. Here are just a few

lighting We all know the last hour of daylight is great for lighting, but you need more than a great background. You must light you couple's faces. External flashes, diffusers, boxes... whatever it takes is what you need to get your hands on.

poses Don't underestimate the power of a pose. The couple's on the right have found some great poses. The pose can be simple or quite difficult. However, your image needs a subtle look to it.

backgrounds Look around town for a great spot. It could be a distressed brick wall, an artists studio painted with bright colors, or even a junkyard. I have found some amazing doorways in old churches and buildings in downtown areas.

wardrobe Make sure you pay attention to what people are wearing in these shots on the right. No big logos, pictures or name brands are necessary, just simple elegant clothes. Focus on great hair and makeup for the ladies and good hair for the men. You don't want their clothes to take away from the photo.

props Use that motorcycle he loves, the umbrella she likes, etc. Props can make a good photo exquisite. Be creative when selecting props. Sometimes an old piece of junk frame can make a great accessory to a shot.


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    • witnessing4HIM profile image

      witnessing4HIM 5 years ago from NC USA

      Photos for every love occasion. They are wonderful and sharp

    • marlynpumphrey profile image

      Marlyn Munoz 5 years ago from Honolulu, HI

      LOVE the pictures. It gives me great ideas for when me and my husband do our first couples pictures :)

    • Maine Photography profile image

      Maine Photography 5 years ago from Portland, Maine

      Good points! Posing is super tough to get right and not make cheesy. Props can totally help with that.

    • caramellatte profile image

      caramellatte 5 years ago