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How to use the Design tab-5D embroidery software

Updated on November 2, 2012


Open up the 5D software which automatically opens in the 5D extra module. You can choose to go to Design Creator from this page depending on what you want to accomplish. This extra module has limited design qualities such as adding words, motifs, or borders. If you want to design the stitches you want or upload pictures into the design you need to go into Design Creator. In this module, you can design simple designs that involve words, motifs or frames in this section. Today, we will go over this module first since it is the default of the software and can be as useful as some of the others depending on what you want and I have done a few patches in this area and it is pretty simple.

The design tab on the far right of the screen will start with an empty screen because you have not put anything there yet. Go to the letter tab on the right side of the screen and type in the words you want. You can select what type of font and the arrangement of the words using the different means available in the toolbox you see before you. If you want one line of text going a certain direction then use the line type box below the space where you type the words. By the way, when choosing font look at the size that is written beside the different fonts. Those numbers mean that the font is digitized to come out looking like the picture at the sizes indicated.

If you want to enter 2 lines of text, you need to hold the control button down and press enter. If you only press enter, the software will repeat the words you just typed and you will have to get rid of one of them unless that was intended. If you make a mistake and need to remove something and you have not combined the designs with the combining icon on the tool bar then you can click on each separate element and move it out of the way so you can delete what you need to. If you cannot manage to click on it then move the other items out of the way and then back into place with your mouse until you are satisfied.

Once you have the words where you want them, go the next tab to add a motif if desired. If not, then go to the next tab to add a frame or border. After you are done and satisfied there are two more steps you need to do and I would suggest you go to the icon that combines colors first. It is the icon on the far right of the upper corner that looks like three boxes with arrows going into two boxes. If you hover over it you will find the right one as it will pop up with a box explaining what does. In order to do this efficiently you will have to combine the colors for each design. Click on one of the designs to highlight and then click on color icon. Do this for each one especially a series of words or one word. Doing this allows the embroideryto continuously keep going without stopping on each letter. After that is done, put the design back the way you want it and go to the upper left side of the screen and look for the combine all icon. Doing this will make all of the items in the design into one design. If you want to save a part of the design for future use then save that piece separately. After the design is saved as one unit, it is a lot harder to pick it apart.

Happy designing.


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    • jpridgen profile image

      Janice Pridgen 4 years ago from Bellingham WA

      can you send me a picture? I can seem to duplicate what you are asking. I tried to do my last name in a font and then the initial and I lined them up so the initial was behind the last name. then I hit the combine icon and then the colorsort to eliminate it stopping on each letter. Even though both of the words...last name and initial were the same color it still left the initial in the back. The embroidery when it stitches out will start the stitch with the first one laid out on the screen. I tried it with two different sizes of the same font and two different fonts and got the same result. Is the initial a different color than the full name? did you stitch it out? or does it look like the color used in the larger letter when combined looked like it outlined the full name. You can colorsort as many times as you want and you don't have to use the colors suggested in the embroidery. You can tell on your machine where the color is going to start to stitch but not where it is going next with the same color. I find it useful especially if not familiar with the embroidery or with what I have created to stitch it out on similar material so I know what it will look like. let me know if this is helpful at all. Maybe with a picture I can tell you more what is going on. My email is

    • profile image

      Nikki 4 years ago

      I'm trying to create a design with one letter "behind" the full name. When I combine the design, the color used in the larger letter automatically combines to outline the full name in "front". Is there a way to keep this from happening? I'd like the two colors to remain completely separate.

    • jpridgen profile image

      Janice Pridgen 5 years ago from Bellingham WA

      thank you for reading it.

    • Vector design profile image

      Saim 5 years ago from California

      Interesting Hub.

      You guide very well.