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7 reasons to upload your images to Shutterstock

Updated on July 24, 2014
Make your money with Shutterstock
Make your money with Shutterstock

When you decided to try yourself in microstock photography business you start to look for the information on how it actually works. You might have already discovered that there are plenty of microstock agencies out there which are ready to take your photos on board. You may found many reviews on various websites which tell you about pros and cons of different agencies. Even though the needed information is all out there for you it quickly becomes very confusing. You start to weight things up such as the time you can allow yourself to dedicate to microstock, the type of images you take, their quality and so on.

There are at least two main options for you to consider:

  1. To upload your images to multiple agencies.
  2. To become an exclusive contributor with just one agency and forget about the rest.

Let me tell you my story with microstock world.

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Four years ago I set my mind on microstock and then it all begun. The first agency which seemed to be very approachable for me was Dreamstime. They quickly accepted a few of my first uploads and I was thrilled of such achievement! After a while as I continued to upload new images I considered becoming their exclusive contributor because I was too scared to try other agencies out. As for today after 4 years of being a part of microstock world I realise I’m so glad I didn’t make such a mistake as to go exclusive.

The reason is that about 3 years ago while already uploading my images to a number of different agencies, I discovered Shutterstock. Even though the agency seemed rather strict especially for the first time submission, I was determined to take a risk. Well, the risk was to have my first submission get turned down and get discouraged. However, I was one of the lucky people who pass their first submission from the first attempt, and so my collaboration with Shutterstock has begun.

Here are the reasons to give Shutterstock a try:

Reason 1

Shutterstock is one of the most reputable microstock agencies and many contributors report good earnings there. The success mostly lays within the high volume of downloads, so even if a lot of your photos are sold by subscription, it’s still makes nice outcome by the end of the month. For me Shutterstock quickly became the agency number 1 in earnings as well as the number of downloads and still remains the same.

Reason 2

At Shutterstock you don’t have to wait long before your newly uploaded images start to sell. Firstly, it’s very satisfying to see new images sell fast, sometimes even on the same day! Secondly, it becomes sort of a feedback when you are experimenting with different styles and types of images and not being sure whether they will fit with the taste of the buyers.

Reason 3

Shutterstock is well known for selling lots of images by an Extended Licence, which let me tell you feels very rewarding for contributors. Prices for Extended Licences vary, but when you get a photo sold for $75, it certainly makes your day. I personally haven’t sold an image by Extended Licence at any other agency for such good money.

Reason 4

Uploading process is quite convenient; it allows you to add description, keywords and categories etc. to multiple images at the same time. It saves you a lot of time when you upload a batch of similar images.

Reason 5

A bit for an entertainment, but mostly as a useful tool on Shutterstock you have the World map which displays from which country came the buyer who paid for your images. Also if the same buyer downloaded a few images from you it will be shown on the map too.

Reason 6

Not always, but most often than not review times are quite short. They range from one day to up to a week, however recently my images are being reviewed within a day or two. For example at Dreamstime you have to wait for about a week and at iStock even longer. So while your images are still being in the review queue at other agencies, at Shutterstock they may already make you money.

Reason 7

Shutterstock reviewers are picky and won’t approve images of a low quality. It makes your portfolio being smaller in comparison to other agencies, yet stronger which is better for your reputation. We all know that when it comes to portfolios the less average or week images you have in it the better.

Already a Shutterstock contributor?

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These are the seven main reasons why you shouldn’t let your chance to become a Shutterstock contributor pass you by. I decided to write this article not to create an advertisement for Shutterstock (they do a very good job on it themselves), but because I truly believe this microstock agency is one of the best and deserves your shot.

© 2014 Dina Blaszczak


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    • Dina Blaszczak profile image

      Dina Blaszczak 3 years ago from Poland

      @ideasinked Hope it goes well for you and you will become another happy Shutterstock contributor! ;)

    • ideasinked profile image

      ideasinked 3 years ago from Mumbai, India.

      I read this hub and it inspired me to join Shutterstock. Now, let's see how it goes! :)