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8 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Updated on April 4, 2011

When you create a site you wish you had the perfect one. That's the goal isn't it? To create the perfect website. But alas that is just not possible, right? We can all dream though and try our best.

However if you follow the pieces of advice that I will describe on this page, then maybe, just maybe you can get closer to having the perfect website. Now let me share with you the top 8 website design mistakes that you'll want to avoid.

1. Content. Break up your content into bullet points, numbered lists or paragraphs. This will make it much easier to read.

2. Navigation. Your website surfers often leave your site because they don't know what they are supposed to do next. So instead, offer them suggestions such as related content, popular posts and categories.

3. Color. Have a website with a white background and black text. This combination is the easiest on the eyes. Just look at HubPages as an example. All the text here is very easy to read. It's the most popular combination. Why? Because it works.

4. Windows. Don't open links in new windows. This topic is heavily debated, but here is my opinion. Surfers are now savvy enough to open their own windows if they want to. So when they click, let it open on the same page. If your website is any good, then the visitor will come back.

5. Contact. Have a contact page that is easily accessible. This will allow your visitors to tell you when something is wrong on your site, such as a link not working or some other bugs. Having a contact page also allows advertisers to contact you about placing ads on your website.

6. Media. Sites that have pictures, videos and music are great. But when you have these files playing automatically it just becomes annoying. You should allow your visitor the option to play the file if they want to.

7. Flash. I know it's flashy and seems cool, but try and not use Flash on your sites. It adversely affects load times and iPhone & iPad viewers can't see it.

8. Splash. Splash pages were popular at one point. It's like an introduction to your site. It has some flashy image and an 'enter here' link. But don't use this anymore. Your visitors might just leave than have to deal with your intro page.

For more web design tips like these check out my entrepreneur blog.


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