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Looking for good Portrait Hong Kong Photographer: A Short Guideline

Updated on July 16, 2013
Stock Picture: Is it a good picture for your business? I think not.
Stock Picture: Is it a good picture for your business? I think not. | Source

Many Corporate Portrait Photographers in Hong Kong, but good ones?

It can be a difficult task to find a good corporate photographer in Hong Kong when you need a portrait for yourself or product picture taking for your business. When you search "Portrait Photographer Hong Kong" on Google, it comes up many results. However, it is difficult to find out the good one. On the other hands, many people get into the professional photography industry and claim that they are professional photographers every day. As digital cameras and equipment are cheaper and more common, the industry nevertheless has opened the door for everyone to join. This leads to the industry mixing with both experienced and inexperienced ones, and it will be harder to find a good and professional photographer in Hong Kong by Google search.

In the case of portrait photography, if you choose a bad corporate photographer or a photographer with not enough experience in corporate photography, it will cause big impacts on your business. At the bright side, you can possibly lose some reputation. At worst, you can also suffer some financial loss.

While it is getting more difficult to find a good photographer in Hong Kong, I will outline some misconception, and I will provide some idea of how to find a good and professional corporate photographer.

Costly Misconception

There are many misconceptions of hiring a photographer, and such wrong concepts can cost you lots of money or even loss. So, below are the list of misconceptions that can cost your loss most likely.

Expectation 1

Good photos can be done by good cameras only

Reality 1

A good camera itself does not make any great photo. James Cameron cannot produce good movies with a good recording camera itself. In the same way, a photographer can have a good, professional, and expensive SLR cameras, yet it does not mean that he can produce good photos because owning good and expensive cameras do not prove that the photographer has skills and experiences.

Taking good photos is about how to use tools with experiences. The expensive professional SLR cameras are only one of the important tools. In order to produce good photos, professional photographers need to have well-experienced knowledge of using cameras, lighting, color, body language, and many other related factors. Without experiences of photo-taking , the photographers can still make bad photos with expensive professional SLR cameras, although they may probably have invested USD50,000 to USD100,000 in equipment.

On the other hand, there is no fixed standard to say who has better abilities and skills because different people have different idea of good pictures. The standard is quite subjective. Although it sounds difficult to find a good and professional photographer, it does not mean that it is impossible to find a good photographer. In fact, it is reasonable that every professional photographers should have portfolios to demonstrate their works and skills. If someone tell you that they are professional photographers without showing any portfolio, that will sound very sketchy.

Suggestion 1

Do not judge the photographers by the type of cameras or equipment that they are using. Before hiring any photographer, it is necessary to ask for portfolios. It can show the photographer's skills, and you can find out whether he or she has the style that match your expectation.

Expectation 2

Photographers who are good with nature or weddings will do a great job with my products, or my professional portrait.

Reality 2

"Photography" is a very general term to describe the digital industry, as we have the term to say "banking", "human resource", and "marketing" industry. Someone with trading experience does not mean that he has experience in hedge fund, equity, or commercial banking. It is because these jobs are totally different in the banking industry. In the same way, different subjects require different skills and experiences. If you want to finish your fashion photographs, you should find a photographer with experience in that field.

What if a photographer claims that he or she can do different kind of shootings? Angel Andreu, the founder of Elite Photography, has another view of looking for the photographers. As a Hong Kong Portrait Photographer, Angel thinks that professional photographers should have specialized area of expertise. In other words, professional photographers should have focus certain area of object photo taking. He only focuses on corporate photography, portrait photography, fashion photography, and interior design photography in Hong Kong. Over 10 years of experiences, he has only done wedding photography once because it is not the expertise area that he focuses on. On the other hand, Angel does not claim that he can do any kind of photo taking. Instead, he chooses to focus on the area that he is interested. It helps him get more professional corporate clients.

Suggestion 2

Find a professional photographer that focuses on the subject that you are looking for. Different subjects require different skills and experiences. This way to find photographers, especially looking for corporate photographer in Hong Kong, can end up with positive results.

Portrait Photography with Graham Monro

Expectation 3

At least my business competitors won’t be able to use photos from my pictures.

Reality 3

In reality, you should need to have the agreement with the photographer, especially when you are doing corporate, commercial, or portrait photography. As the professional corporate photographer in Hong Kong, Angel always notices to his clients about copyright issues. Between him and his clients, He often has agreements in which agree the pictures are only to show on Elite Photography website but not elsewhere. This way nevertheless can help him build solid trust between him and his clients. He claims that some photographers in the industry can end up selling their works as stock photos. This kind of photos could be used everywhere. At worst, they could end up using by one of the client's competitors. If this happens, the clients may likely face a big negative impact on their business.

Suggestion 3

Find out if the photographer sells stock photos. You have the right to have the agreement with the photographer that the photo cannot be used as any kind of stock photo.

You don't want to hire a wrong photographer for corporate photography, do you?
You don't want to hire a wrong photographer for corporate photography, do you?

Reasons for hiring a good corporate photographer Hong Kong

Although there are many misconceptions for hiring photographers during lack of knowledge, it does not mean that having a good photographer is not necessary. There are many reasons that you should hire a good corporate photographer in Hong Kong.

(1) Quality images communicate your message

A good quality picture can tell unique story and message. The message can tie the marketing pieces together with a unified look and feel. However, some business owners prefer to choose stock photos because they are cheaper.

In fact, the stock images can look flat and lack of believability. This kind of images can cause you and your business look the same as the competitors in the market who also uses stock images. On the other hand, potential clients or customers can tell whether these photos are stock images. They will also rise a question of what you are trying to hide for your business.

So, if one can spend some money on professional photos for investment, he will have a powerful and unique business image that can support the marketing for his business in a long run.

(2) Cheap photos can cost you a lot

It is controversial to believe that saving money is one of the necessary plan for every business. Some business owners tend to believe that using cheap or low quality of photographs for saving money. However, these stock images can cause unintentionally loss for business. As I said, people can tell the difference between stock photos and professional photos. Most of the business owners do not think that every sale lost to a competitor costs profits from that sale and even referral. While this happens, there is nothing more expensive than the loss which the business owners cannot control.

(3) Great photos give you a competitive edge.

As a portrait photographer in Hong Kong, Angel also focuses on fashion photography. He claims that people can be generally busy in Hong Kong. Most of people only look for business websites, flyers, or social media profile quickly in order to save time. The quick look also give people an idea of how the business organization works. This often happens in fashion or luxury brand industry. So, if you have a set of good quality and outstanding photos for your products or services, the photos will give the quick impression to people because majority can remember photos far better than they can remember words.

(4) Photos do not cost a lot in marketing, but they can provide a very high return on investment if done well.

Believe it or not, flyers, ads, websites, and trade shows are expensive yet necessary for most of the business. You cannot run a business without sales. You need to spend money on printing, postage, the ad space, etc to get the sales. If you purchase photography from inexperienced photographers or stock photos, it will definitely affect the sales. However, if you purchase photography from experienced photographer, you can build your own library of images. You can build your reputation and uniqueness in the market as well.

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