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A Rose Craft: Egg Carton Animals

Updated on August 12, 2010

Cut on the dotted lines

The summer time blues leads to crafts with items already on hand!

We keep a bin full of odds and ends. The clearance aisles at craft stores makes up 90% of the contents and leads to hours of creative bursts with a little bit of imagination and some craft glue. Some suggestions for your own craft bin include some of these items for this craft- but I highly recommend that whatever is on the inside, keep a good lid on the top of the bin, we discovered this one the hard way with googlie eyes glued to the wall around little boy height down the hallway!

Save your empty egg cartons, you will need at least 1 empty egg carton for this craft.

Things needed:


1 empty egg carton

Scotch tape

Colored paper



Feathers (optional)

Scrap paper (optional)

Craft glue (optional)

Googlie eyes (optional)

Foam shapes (optional)

Sequins (optional)

Buttons (optional)

Paint (optional)

Cotton balls (optional)

Yarn (optional)

Have an adult cut the individual egg "cups" out of the carton into two cups per strip (see picture)

Gently bend the cups into each other to make a clam like shape with the two cups. If they do separate, dont worry! Use a bit of the scotch tape to attach them together again.

Use the pens/ markers to draw a face on the front of the creature. Have the kids decorate their new pet in any of the above materials to give it personality!

While the kids are decorating their pets, have an adult cut arms out of the colored paper then tape from the inside.


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    • rosemueller0481 profile image

      rosemueller0481 7 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      Sadly my son believed them to be pets that should spend time outdoors and they did not survive the first encounter with the dog...We are making more soon, pictures to be posted!

    • Mom Kat profile image

      Mom Kat 7 years ago from USA

      I think this could be a really cute idea. It might be helpful to add a picture of your finished product to show people a sample.