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A Fight to the Finish

Updated on October 18, 2018

A Fight To The Finish

When people hear the words "A fight to the finish" what is the first thing they think of? Usually the first thing they think of is an athlete and what they do. At least that is the first thing that comes to my mind. What else can a fight to the finish mean? What about finding a career and getting to where you want to be with it? Things don’t just happen you have to work at everything that you want in life. Whatever anyone wants to do whether it be being an athlete, working for a company where you can get higher up, or even going to school they have to work for it. If you ask someone if, they have to work for what they have and they say no well, then they don’t know that they actually are working, for what they have, or maybe they just don’t feel like what they are doing is working for what they have. Most people have endless things that they are trying to figure out and that is where a fight to the finish comes in. Fighting to the finish has immeasurable results if you are really into getting what you want, you will fight for it for a limitless amount of time until you get what you want.

Everyone’s definition of "a fight to the finish" is different, but in the end, everyone’s result is the same. They want to accomplish something limitless in their lives.Let’s say you want to get straight A’s in school, well what you need to do for that. Work hard and get perfect on everything and devote a lot of time to your studies. What about, getting the manager or foreman position in your company. You have to work hard for that too, and show your boss that you can do it. Once you are there though does that mean that you give up? No that means that you keep fighting until you either graduate school or retire from your job.

Some people might think that fighting until you finish what you want to do is too much work, but those are the people that don’t really want what they are doing. They are just doing it because they have to, they don’t really care what the outcome is. Don’t be one of those people, if you want something bad enough fight for it, and finish it don’t give up halfway through because you think that it is too hard. Sure things might be hard and you may think that you will never get anywhere with them, but that doesn’t mean give up.

If you want something bad enough you have to fight until the end and get to where you want to be, no matter how hard it is to get there. A lot of things take infinite time in order to get to the end of them but if you are willing to put in the unlimited amount of work to get to the end and you feel good about it, then you fought to the finish at least that is what I like to think.

If you want something to happen in your life you have to go after it limitlessly no matter what it takes which in turn means you have to fight to the finish until you get to where you want to go. Fighting until you finish something is going after whatever it is that you wish to and jumping the hurdles that are put in your path, no matter how difficult it may seem. I described just that, in above paragraphs, and it not only valid in the instance of being involved in fashion but in everything else that life might throw your way as well

Everything in life is meant to make you better it is always something to test you in order for you to be a better person. Even though we might not realize it at the time, that is why we have to fight for whatever it is that we want in life. Fighting for whatever it is that we want in life makes us strong and we have that limitless feeling that we can do anything that we want if we just work for it.

A fight to the Finish in  the Artist Sense.
A fight to the Finish in the Artist Sense.

What Is A Fight To The Finish?

Fighting to the finish is doing limitless things to get you to where you want to be in life to get you to your end goal. Once the end comes into focus we barrel through it until we are where we want to be, and for the most part, it shows strength and dedication. Everyone has to fight to the finish for whatever it is that they want in their life, sometimes it might not seem like people are fighting for what they want because they have that happy go lucky no care attitude but always remember, in order to get to the end of anything we have to fight our way there and do things that we may not ever want to do. That is called life, and that is how we will still have to live.

Everything has to be fought for, no matter what we are always learning nothing is going to come easily or right away which is why we are always going to have to fight to finish it we are all different and I know I have said that in other posts before but it is, true so everything that we fight for in order to get to where we want in our own lives is going to be different from someone else.

We all have limitless goals to conquer but they are never going to be the same, as someone else because we all want different things. Which means we are always going to be fighting to finish different things until they become exactly what we want in our lives. We are always fighting for things in our lives to be completed so that we can be better people, so fighting to the finish is never going to stop no matter how much we might want it too.

Whatever we want in life we are going to have to fight for because that is how life is lived, If you want to accomplish things you are going to have to work for them and that is another way of saying you are fighting for them. But fighting for whatever it is that you want doesn't have to be hard, and nothing is ever hard if you want it or is it? In my opinion if you want something and are willing to put in the work for it, you will make whatever it is that you are doing fun and exciting for yourself, so it doesn't feel like you are doing work.

Fighting to the Finish just means, that the hurdles that are being thrown your way, are intended to test you. Even though the obstacles might seem limitless they aren't if you work hard enough. They are there to see if you are really up for the challenge, or if you just don’t care and are doing it because you need to or have to. you are not doing it because you want to. If you want something bad enough, fight for it doing the endless things required to get what you want, and finish the job, once you do that you will be happy with the outcome. For example, if you are working for a company like a fashion line and you want to one day have your own fashion line work at it and one day you will have it. I have a friend her name is Vanessa Barbosa she worked for Armani and now works in fashion along with other art it is titled I AM MY ART. It encompasses style along with other art and artists. I am so proud of her and look up to her with what I want to do in my future because I know that if she can do it then so can I. I am not going to get into fashion like she did but I am going to fight to get somewhere with my writing.

Fighting to finish something is pushing yourself to your own limits. It is challenging to get what you want out of life no matter what it takes don't you think? Always remember when fighting to finish something no matter what it is if it feels hard to get through think of it as something limitless and it will be easier to get through. Everything that feels limitless is difficult but when you think of it as endless it doesn't feel as hard as when you think of something that you have to fight to finish. Which just means change your mindset and you will get through whatever it is you are trying to get through a lot easier.

There are three things to do when fighting for the finish so do them every time.
There are three things to do when fighting for the finish so do them every time.

A Fight to the Finish is Limitless

When the thought of fighting to the finish crosses your mind. What do you do? You figure out what you want in life as a career or how you want to spend your life and go after it until it is done. There is most likely going to be hurdles to get through you but you will fight long and hard until you get to where you want to be. If it takes an infinite amount of time to fight to the finish then you are going to do it, because in the end you will be where you want to be and isn't that the whole point of fighting to the finish?

What do you think the point is when it comes to fighting to the finish?

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