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A Theme a Week Photography - Project 52 - 2012

Updated on June 29, 2014
A pine forest in the Highlands in Scotland
A pine forest in the Highlands in Scotland | Source

A theme a week! Sounds interesting, yes this is a photographic project, where I submit a photograph that I take during the week, based on the theme that is allocated for that particular week. This is the first project that I have undertaken as an amateur photographer. Since we have a list of themes, the members will get a chance to think creatively to create that real photograph based on that week's theme.

I really wanted a boost to motivate myself over the new year’s period while I was sinking deep into depression, and was looking to do things that could let me stay sane and motivated. The only thing I could look into that time was something in photography. I was researching on the internet and was too worried to join any projects. I saw people’s photographs and thought I was nowhere near their skills. I accidentally came across this project that was going around in Google+ and thought that I will give it a try as the team seemed so encouraging, helpful and motivating.

I was not well enough to jump into the project on New year’s day, but forced myself to start that project. I was giving the whole thing a second thought. At one point I thought, “I am giving up”. then again I thought, “Why not try?” at least give a start!

So picking up all the strength, I thought I was going to do it, no matter what. I took it rather seriously. I thought I needed this schedule of doing something every week, something that I am passionate about, something that will train me to keep up with deadlines, something that will keep me motivated and also something that will help me learn new skills and techniques.

The set up!

Google+ had their themes set up for the entire year, they did make a few changes to a few themes as there were concerns from members regarding certain themes that might not be possible. They had a deadline to post each week’s theme before 8 pm every Monday, local time. I have forgotten to keep up with submissions myself on a few occasions, and done the post late. During the month of May, as I was travelling, I could not keep up with the project, and completely lost track for a few weeks, but Google+ and the members were kind enough to encourage me and motivate me to get back on track. All thanks to them, I am back in the project!

How it works!

Members were asked to submit one photo every week based on the theme for that particular week. Recommendations are for work that is genuinely done by the member and taken on that particular week. On very rare occasions, when I did not get a chance to take a photograph based on that week’s theme, I posted one from the past. This project helps one to be creative, and sets a challenge, whilst helping the member to learn new techniques and skills.

This project is hosted by members of the project. There is no restriction as to what type of camera has to be used. It can be compact, bridge or DSLR camera or even the mobile phone. We are currently on the 39th week. So ¾ of the project is complete and I find myself looking back in awe, at the photos I have managed to post over the past weeks. It all seems to have happened in a short span of time, but, in reality, no, it’s 9 months of work! We still have 13 weeks left. The remaining themes look a bit more challenging, but I have faith that I will get them done.

The advantage!

The advantage of this project is, you get to see various other artists’ work and their point of view. Each theme might mean different to different people, and different people look at things in different ways interpret things in different ways. For example, what the word "Up" means to me or the way I interpret, will be entirely different from what it means to somebody else. You also get feedback from the viewers, so that is another bonus. So there is a lot to learn. I also sit down and reflect on my work, and think to myself, that I could have done it even better! Remember, I am still a beginner :-)

I hope you all enjoy this post as much as I did, putting in as much effort as I could and trying to be creative. I would also appreciate honest feedback from you which will help me get better and correct my mistakes! I have divided this project into 4 different hubs of 13 themes each to keep the hub simple, manageable and readable, with the last one having 14 themes, as we have themes set for all the 53 weeks for this year!


My entire project continues through the links below:

Please follow the following links to look through all the 4 parts of the project.


I hope you all enjoyed this presentation!


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