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ALIEN SYMPHONY NO. 3 - How A Strange Face Materialized In Wood

Updated on February 23, 2011

Those eyes kept looking at me, until I realized that they had a face behind them.

ALIEN SYMPHONY NO. 3  Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle
ALIEN SYMPHONY NO. 3 Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle

 The Revelation

At first, I did not recognize them.  I saw only an annoying pair of knots in an otherwise perfect piece of wood.  This piece of wood seemed to be an ideal size for a painting I had in mind.  A few coats of thick primer paint would have erased those flaws forever.

The pair of knots, however, exerted an all-consuming power over me.  I could NOT stop myself from seeing them as eyes.  The more I studied them, the more I felt obligated to let them be what they most clearly were.  I had little choice but to reveal the strange face behind them.

The Realization

Alien Symphony No. 3, thus, was not a planned painting.  It was a discovered painting.  Familiar form already existed in the grain of the wood.  I merely highlighted certain portions of the grain to bring out an obvious face.

I found the plank in my neighbor’s front yard, among the scraps he had accumulated from various construction projects.  His scrap was my scaffolding.  I listened to it.  It told me what to do.

The Result

The resulting crude painting on wood required very little skill or refined technique.  I added only a few additional elements to the already existing structure.  The entire artwork consists of a minimum of lines and only a few colored areas (all in antique, metallic gold). 

On the plank’s reverse side, I made a second painting related to the first.  It consists of three antique gold circles, in a line, connecting to one another by crude bands.  A string of symbols (colored muted rose) extends the length of the circles.  These symbols are NOT from any known system of writing.  I made them up to represent symbols from a world beyond Earth.  Their meaning is a mystery.

Back Side) ALIEN SYMPHONY NO. 3  Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle
Back Side) ALIEN SYMPHONY NO. 3 Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle

The Poem

Alien Symphony No. 3
Acrylics on wood
27” x 11 ½” x ¾”

Hail the strange music
of alien races,
songs not of this Earth
but of far distant spaces,
played by musicians
in many dimensions,
with superior brains
on complex inventions.

S U R V E Y ... Do You Believe ?

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    • Robert Kernodle profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Kernodle 

      7 years ago


      Thanks for sharing your opinion.

      I believe that the likelihood of life beyond planet Earth is extremely hight, and that the liklihood of INTELLIGENT life beyond planet Earth is high.

      Smarter than humans, though? I don't know. If the universe is, as many cosmologists believe, roughly homogeneous throughout, then there would seem to be a case for all intelligent life's being of similar intelligence throughout.


    • false_alarm profile image


      7 years ago from

      I believe other life exist beyond earth or our dimension, but I don't believe they are necessarily smarter than human.


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