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April Fool's Day: Jack-in-the-Box, Clowns and Jesters in ASCII Text Art

Updated on August 14, 2014
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Laura makes ASCII art, using MS Notepad. (Since 1998). She is currently exploring adding colour to the plain text to make postcards.

Jack-in-the-Box For April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool's Day!

The origins of April Fool's Day are debated, but I've thought it was either about the calendar changing from having the new year start near April 1st to the current way where the new year starts January 1st. Or, it started as a Fool's Day, where it was traditional to have absurdity for one day in the year. That was the day the jesters, the fools ran everything.

I found a few sites with more detail about the origins of April Fool's Day.

They have other ideas for how the holiday started. So, I doubt we will ever know for sure. Just pick one, or not.

What is your best April Fool's joke played on someone else? What was the best April Fool's joke someone else caught you with?

I think my best was convincing my Mother and sisters there was a big snake in the bathroom when we were on holidays in the Dominican Republic. I was the first one up that morning and when I came back into the room I pretended I had seen a big snake under the sink in there. I forget just what they asked and such but it wasn't hard to be believed in that location and at that time. Just before they were going to phone down to the hotel to send someone up to get rid of the snake I said, "April Fool's!".

I can't think of anything where someone has gotten me. Some of the April Fool's jokes online have been very clever. Last year, I think, Google had their joke where the Internet was going to be all in ASCII text. I liked the idea actually. Think of it, no more bloated scripts clogging up your bandwidth and freezing your browser. But, it was a joke.

I picked some ASCII art clowns, jokers and jesters for April Fool's Day ASCII Art. They seem the most traditional and fun sort of thing. It's almost a holiday that doesn't have a mascot of it's own. Someone needs to invent something and get everyone else using it. Of course, that would never really work. Anything used for April Fool's Day has to be taken with a grain of salt. It might be a trick after all...

ASCII Art Clowns for April Fool's Day

Jokers and Jesters in ASCII Art


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