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ASCII Text Art for Graduations and Congratulating Graduates

Updated on August 14, 2014

Congratulations to the Graduates

I never graduated high school. I dropped out when I was sixteen and began working at a full time job downtown in Toronto. That year I moved away from home and shared an apartment with an older woman. It didn't work out because she kept bringing over boyfriends who slept over. Sixteen was too young for having naked men walk into the kitchen while I was making soup for dinner after work. Anyway, I never did graduate high school. I skipped ahead and went to college as a mature student. By then I was mature too. Years of working with other adults in an office had taught me a lot of things I wouldn't have learned in school.

Now my nephew, Zack, is in his second last year of high school. He is going to graduate. I've told him some of my own story and said how much I'd love to see him finish high school and have that full diploma - a sign of a job well done.

I have no regrets for not graduating myself. But, I will be very proud of Zack to have accomplished and done something I didn't do. I'll be there to take the photo. So this post is dedicated to Zack - the future high school graduate.

Share this ASCII art with your own graduate. High school is just the beginning. There are so many other things you can take on and then accomplish and graduate from.


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