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ATTENTION ART LOVERS: Please Sign This Important Petition (thank you)

Updated on January 12, 2016

Incredible Attention to Detail

Grand Duke Cosimo I

Joseph Fleeing from Potiphar's Wife

For the Love of Florence and Medicean Art

If you have not had the pleasure of viewing the exhibition: Il Principe dei Sogni: Giuseppe negli Arazzi Medicei di Pontormo e Bronzino (The Prince of Dreams: Joseph in the Medici Tapestries by Pontormo and Bronzino), I highly advise that you treat yourself.

Twenty beautifully restored “arazzi Medecei” (Medici tapestries) are on display in the Salone de’ Dugento at the Palazzo Vecchio. The lively expressions on the faces of the figures, the vibrant colors, and the attention to detail are truly impressive. Reunited after nearly 150 years, these enormous tapestries took over 25 years to restore (at a cost of over 1 million euros).

Commissioned by Grand Duke Cosimo I between 1545 and 1553, the tapestries recount the story of the Old Testament hero, Joseph. Each massive piece was woven on Florentine looms by Flemish weavers Nicholas Karcher and Jan Rost.

Despite being paid for by the Medici and specifically created to adorn the Salone de’ Dugento, in 1882 the Savoy requested the tapestries be split between the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and the Palazzo del Quirinale in Rome. If you think this is unjust, you are not alone.

The exhibition is slated to run until 15 February 2016, but a petition is circulating to keep them here in Florence (and rightfully so). Ana Maria Luisa de’ Medici’s last will and testament clearly stated: ALL that the Medici owned was to remain in Florence. Those magnificent tapestries belong to the Florentines (and any opposers should be decapitated in the Piazza della Signoria...just kidding).

PLEASE visit the link below and take a moment to sign this extremely important petition (thank you).

Lively Expressions (Banquet Scene)


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