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Abstract Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

Updated on September 19, 2019
David Berkowitz Chicago profile image

David Berkowitz Chicago is an experienced naive art painter. His peculiar style makes him stand out from the other painters of his group.

Tips For Creating Better Acrylic Artworks

The naive art painter, David Berkowitz Chicago, points out that painting should not always be difficult, complex, beautiful, and sophisticated.

“Sometimes, the childish pictures elicit the best the childish emotions, smile and the memories of childhood,” says David Berkowitz Chicago.

In this article, David Berkowitz Chicago will teach you the simplest acrylic art techniques.

This artist creates childish, funny and amusing pictures, which immediately transport us to childhood.

Naive Art With Acrylic Paint

Berkowitz indicates that his motto is «the child in us». Also, Berkowitz points out that you should find a playful and cheerful child inside of you in order to create paintings like him.

David Berkowitz became a successful artist because of the simplicity and originality of his paintings.

“I hope that everyone who wants to paint something like this will show his imagination and feelings,” says Berkowitz.

Creating the Background

In Berkowitz opinion, it is quite easy to paint with acrylic paints. In this case, the water is used as paint thinner.

An important thing to remember, according to Berkowitz is that the acrylic paints provide quite a dense membrane after drying up. So, when you paint with brushes, you should wash them during the working process.

In order not to let the paint dry out, Berkowitz suggests closing the tubes or the jars with the paints tightly enough. He also suggests, checking whether all the containers with the paints are closed well, after finishing your work.

Usually, the acrylic paint completely dries in about 15-20 minutes. However, everything depends on the density of the layer and how much the paint is diluted with water.

The experienced painter advises sprinkling the canvas with water, before beginning with the work. This will allow the paint to be applied more easily and smoothly on its surface.

However, if you are creating quick and simple work, this is not necessary. In Berkowitz opinion, floppy and sloppy strokes would be enough for this painting.

Creating the Artwork

Start with pressing out the paints to the palette. However, you should press a lot of paint in order to not let it dry out on the palette. If you need more paint, you can add it later.

The basic colors for creating a simple artwork are:

  • Titanium White;
  • Medium yellow;
  • Blue (Ceruleum);
  • Sap Green;
  • Red (Cochineal);

You will need also: synthetic brushes of different size, a bottle of water, and a dry clean cloth.

Berkowitz indicates using a big paintbrush for applying the background paint. The paint can be applied mixed with the white or the rarer one (diluted with water) or the thicker paint.

After that, you should wait for about 5-10 minutes for the background to dry.

Berkowitz recommends sprinkling the paint on the palette with water using an airbrush from time to time, in order not to let it dry. If you paint for a longer than an hour, this advice is more than appropriate.

The canvas should be also sprinkled during the work, if your artwork includes smooth transitions of the tones or mixing the paints on canvas, in order not to let the paint dry up and to be easily modeled.

So, the process of paint drying should be monitored frequently, in order to act accordingly.


We should paint relying on our own feelings and let the imagination run free.

“Do not think, just paint,” says Berkowitz, the experienced naive art painter, “I also did not always have an initial idea. I let my imagination to guide me”.

Everyone can paint pictures. You also should try it!


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