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Abstract Human Figure Paintings - CELESTIAL DANCERS

Updated on February 15, 2011

 Human bodies and celestial bodies are all born of star dust.

MOON DANCER Original Painting by  Robert G. Kernodle
MOON DANCER Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle

The Human Figure

Have you ever noticed how few lines are required to picture the suggestion of a human figure? Or have you ever wondered why human beings are so susceptible to seeing their own figures in unlikely places, such as cloud formations, rock formations, or water stains?

I believe the reason we see ourselves so easily is because the possibility of human form threads through the entire universe. Human form is a direct consequence of the laws of physics that rule the cosmos. Human form is one of the many life forms towards which the cosmos naturally grows. We humans, thus, cannot avoid seeing echoes of ourselves everywhere.

SUN DANCER Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle
SUN DANCER Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle

Expressions Of Cosmic Truth

Our physical bodies are offspring of the stars. In life, we dance to the rhythms of planets and stars. We are musical notes on a celestial tapestry made of space and time. We are waves of energy, as much as we are masses of materials. These truths are symbolized in a series of original paintings called, Celestial Dancers, which I created during the first few years of this century (21st).

STAR DANCER Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle
STAR DANCER Original Painting by Robert G. Kernodle

Moon, Sun And Stars

Human beings universally respond to three outstanding sources of inspiration – the sun, moon and stars. These astronomical influences are primal and persistent throughout all history. The appeal of these celestial bodies seems never to get old. Vibrations of these sky objects seem to tingle throughout our bodies, and some people would say through our souls. Music of these cosmic spheres forever enchants us, because we are notes in their heavenly symphony. Movements of our bodies are the writings in space and time that register a dynamic story of all creation. Spoken and written languages are specific developments of this grander cosmological language.

About The Paintings

In the Celestial Dancers series, simple figures that resemble human forms exist side-by-side mysterious, alphabetical markings This association between alphabets and anatomy suggests that physical bodies speak by means of their motions. More importantly, motion of human bodies says something about motions of celestial bodies.

The human figures in these paintings are sparse constructions, neutral in gender, race, age, and historical setting. They symbolize the human essence or spirit. The lettering near the figures do not originate from any known language. I made it up, possibly to suggest a universal language.

The language of human movement and the language of written symbols come from the same source – from the fluid flow of reality. All people are children of the heavens, and all people have rhythms of the heavens moving within them.

Details Of Construction

  • Metallic acrylics applied to stretched canvas, gallery-wrapped and edges finished.
  • Multiple, thin acrylics layers built up to produce appearance of solid colors.
  • Gold and bronze colors used to mimic appeal of valuable metals and things idealized.
  • Figures and alphabetical symbols invented from doodles, refined and enlarged.
  • 30 to 40 hours EACH of hands-on-time to create and complete (a week or more each).
  • Each painting measures 40” x 30” x 1½”, securely wired to hang unframed.

Cost Of Construction

  • Moon Dancer - 30 hours @ $ 20/hour + $ 100 materials = $ 700
  • Sun Dancer - 40 hours @ $ 20/hour + $ 100 materials = $ 900
  • Star Dancer - 40 hours @ $ 20/hour + $ 100 materials = $ 900


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