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A Few Thoughts Regarding How To Do Abstract Poured Painting

Updated on September 8, 2014
Art for sale online
Art for sale online

When trying to create an abstract poured painting, the painter will often start with several types of paints in both cool and warm tones. Starting off with a clear canvas is a must when your wanting to make these unique pieces of art come to life. There are many approaches that you can take to apply the paint over the canvas.

When it comes to developing the skills to do abstract poured painting, for some they really may struggle with how its properly done. In addition, for many they often will get this type of painting confused with another technique where paint is being poured over canvases. With that being said, we wanted to share with our fellow painting audience some ways in which they can master this skill, and be able to notice when they come across such paintings in a art gallery.

For some, they will begin by pouring the one color at a time onto the canvas and then add in paint thinner to begin moving the paint around. While other painters might feel more comfortable with splattering the paint without any real pattern motion onto the canvas, and again proceed to move the paint around to start their creation. Often times, you will notice that there will be several different colors within one abstract poured painting when it is completed.

Abstract Painting with Purpose
Abstract Painting with Purpose

Once the paint has been poured it is now time to start to move it around by manipulating its motion with brushes. Many painters who create abstract poured painting's will at times also use their hands when they are pouring, and moving it around to start the backgrounds for these works of art. After the background dries, it is now time for the painter to take their painting knife along with a rag, and begin to scrap off some of the excess paint to now bring about a totally new image piece to then begin to emerge.

Abstract art online
Abstract art online | Source

The next step within this process will be to carry on, and add on any final touches of different colors of paint to enhance the overall image of the painting itself. For many people who are in the beginning stages of learning how to properly do the abstract poured painting technique they will be pleased to learn that everyone does it in a different fashion. Some will do it with pouring, dripping it slowly onto the canvas, or you may have heard your teacher call it puddling.

What ever the term used, when you start doing this type of painting it can easily be defined each time as unique in its own right. The reason being, is that no two people are ever going to be able to reproduce the exact same type of abstract poured painting, no matter how hard they try. With the use of gravity actually becoming your sole tool when creating these types of works of art you should be able to really see the difference when comparing them.

Abstract art for sale
Abstract art for sale

With that being said, the next time you visit an art gallery that has advertised that some of their works of art on display are going to be that of abstract poured painting, you should now be easily able to notice them. Another helpful tip for our viewers who might be wanting to give this type of painting a try at home would be when you start to pour the paint try having your canvas point in a downward angle. When done with this approach it can easily effect how the entire finished painting will develop, all while your moving the paint around the canvas with your bare hands.

When it comes to discovering how to do abstract poured painting, for many new students they might be surprised on how they can master it for themselves. Nonetheless, we hope that some of our tips within this article will be beneficial for our viewers who might be wanting to give this a try. Finally, we encourage you to start out with a small canvas, some fluid acrylic paint, and test your own painting skill level out to comfortably be able to create that next master art piece.

abstract sunset painting
abstract sunset painting | Source


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    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 3 years ago from Virginia

      Very informative and well done. I've known about blowing paints , especially water colors, with a straw but this is incredible! Thanks