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Accessories that a Photographer Should Not Leave Behind

Updated on November 30, 2012

As a photographer on the go, you've got to have your equipment and accessories together. But somehow, there are some things that you can easily forget that are very important. They may not be important to how images may turn out, but they they are crucial for your own comfort of shooting.

There are tons of little accessories that you can have in your D-SLR kit, including some that you may not think about much.

Extra batteries: Seems like this is one accessory that is oftentimes either left or the batteries are not charged. This is a major item on the checklist. Having dead batteries, or no spare can cause serious frustration.

Battery Charger: Along with having spare batteries, it’s good to carry along your charger. You may probably need t carry 2 chargers -- one for your camera batteries and the other for your speedlight batteries.

Water + Bottle: You’ve got to make sure that you keep hydrated as you’re out there working. A sports bottle or just a regular bottle of water is essential. Your camera bag may even have a neat holder for a sport bottle, making it even more convenient.

Headwear: Working in sunny situations, or even where there’s some kind of precipitation (rain or snow), you may need a hat or a cap. It’s practical that the hat you get doesn’t interfere with your shooting. Having to turn your cap backwards can defeat the purpose of the cap in the first place.

Backpack: Having your camera equipment firmly and securely on your back while you shoot is the way to go if your street shooting or something of a similar nature. The backpack allows the weight of your equipment and accessories to be evenly spread across your back. Nice padded straps with additional chest and waist straps can make your backpack more comfortable to carry around. Backpacks may work out way better than shoulder bags in terms of comfort.

Business Cards: If you do photography as a business, and whether you’re on a job or an excursion, it does well to carry along your business cards with you. You never know what opportunities may arise, and what new client may come your way.

Lens Cleaning Kit: Some photographers may not care too much about cleaning their lenses. A smudge here or there may not interfere with the outcome of the image. But you never know, so it’s safe to carry along a lens cleaning kit.

Filters: You may just need a polarizing filter or another kind to get a particular effect needed. These are small and easy to leave behind. Though they may not be as important as say batteries, they can make a huge difference.

Snacks: A hungry photographer is an angry photographer! Makes sense to carry some snacks with you so that you neither pass out or eat someone’s head off. Situations can change, and you may be working longer than you had planned. A little wholesome snack can go a long way.

Pack Your Photography Equipment and Accessories in Advance

It may be good to pack your equipment and accessories in a decent time ahead of your departure. If you want, you could even have a checklist with the stuff that you need to carry. These items listed are just a few of the commonly left, some of which are highly essential. They may not all be about shooting, but the shooter is important too. Consider them when you’re packing.


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