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Acme Pens

Updated on September 14, 2011

Acme Pens Are Fun

Acme, Anvils, and Fun

I’ve been swimming in the world of pens for over 2 years now as both a paid reviewer and writer and as a collector and aficionado. My love of pens has centered around Montblanc -- a company that specializes in high-end fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens. I still love Montblanc pens to death, but over the years, I’ve come to respect, enjoy and look forward to other companies as well. And there are a lot to enjoy. But, by far, the most accessible, affordable and interesting (and FUN!) is the Acme Pen Company.

It is no surprise to me that the same fictional company used in the Road Runner cartoons is the name chosen by this real life pen company that specializes in making writing instruments entertaining. Nearly all pen companies take the time to come up with a few interesting pieces, but Acme is different in that their entire business model is to produce high-quality pens that invoke a spirit of entertainment and vitality. And, they do this very well.

Ladies and Gentlemen....

Who Are These Jokers?

ACME Studios was originally started by Adrian Olabuenaga and Lesley Bailey a husband wife team that lived in Los Angeles. This brilliant couple decided to get together with a group call Memphis Designers, who previously had awed the world with their amazing furniture designs. With Memphis Desiingers, Acme came up with unique pieces of jewelry that went beyond the idea of decoration and adornment. The line of jewelry was a hit and it spawned further collaborations with designers and artists.

After many years of challenging design in a number of areas, Acme turned its eyes toward the world of fine writing instruments. Finally in 1997, ACME released the first of its high-end pens. Like their other successes, their pens are on the cutting edge of design, pushing the envelope on fun. So what can you expect from this crazy company of pen designers? Here are a few samples of what they have to offer.

Acme Ray Gun Pen

It’s probably a bad idea to start with what I consider one of the best pens to ever be produced, but I’m going to do it anyway. This is actually the pen that made me want to finally write a Hub about Acme Pens. This neat little number is made of stainless steel, warped into a pulsating barrel of science fiction writ large. The pen cap comes shining and wide to complete the back of the pen and is adorned with a lighting bolt to drive home the point that you must be a fan of 1950’s science fiction in order to ‘get’ this pen. It’s obvious from the picture that the base of this pen ties the entire concept together with fabulous results. Honestly, how can you not get excited about this amazing, writing instrument?

Acme Fingerprints Pen

I picked this pen as one to showcase because it really does a good job of demonstrating the unique and zany artists that work behind the scenes to make the acme pen designs. The Acme fingerprints pen has such a simple concept that at first you can’t believe it with your own eyes. It’s covered with what every pen in the world is covered with – fingerprints, only on the Acme pen we are allowed to witness the fingerprints first hand. It’s a great visual, but it also makes you aware of how pens are used in our daily lives and how so many people over the course of a pens life use it for different things. The same pen over the course of a lifetime might be used by one person to sign a mortgage, it gets dropped and picked up by another and used to make a grocery store. Left at the counter its picked up and brought home for a game of Pictionary and on and on. I love the imagery and imagination that this one simple idea brings to life.

Acme Crayon Pen

I picked the Acme Crayon Pen because it is another example of a dynamic of Acme that other pen companies seem to miss out on. And that is partnerships. The Acme Company bases their entire business model on making great fun products – with other artists and companies. Here they have teamed up with Crayola to bring to life a wonderful writing instrument that speaks volumes about its owner. Just the idea of signing a check with a big, bright, red crayon makes me want to go shopping. This is an organization that is willing to take risks and share its rewards with its customers and its partners. That just makes me love them all the more.

Other Acme Items

As you can imagine, Acme has a slew of great items that they dabble in and almost everything they touch is gold. I especially like to tap into their catalog for gifts for friends who are always in need of a new pen, card case, wallet, cufflinks – you name it. But ultimately, I like to support this company because they are not afraid to take chances and get out on the fringe of design and development. What’s your favorite?


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