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Acrylic- painting- looking- for- the- best- source

Updated on July 3, 2014
Example of a book to help with techniques on working with acrylics
Example of a book to help with techniques on working with acrylics

Acrylic Painting- Looking for the Best Source.

I chose to do this on acrylic painting. Majority of my paintings that I have done are using this media, and I feel that it is overlooked for oils & watercolors.

In my personal art supplies I have a book with half of it dedicated to acrylics. It reviews everything needed from brushes, colors & palettes to painting surfaces & a wide range of tools you can use to help with making the paintings.

In doing a search on Google Chrome, all you need to do is type in “acrylic painting” or “acrylic painting process”. I chose to use the latter; & 4,120,000 results came up. Info pages & You Tube; how to paint different settings & beginner basics.

As to compare them; the book is detailed but can seem overwhelming if you’re new to art. The You Tube videos & even some of the sites are a lot easier to understand. The sites give the details broken down, while You Tube does the same but most likely be better for the visual learners.

Wolf done in Acrylic paint
Wolf done in Acrylic paint

In working with acrylic paint, you only need to use a little bit at a time; putting too much down on your palette will make it dry out, and you have to break through a "cocoon" to get to the wet pain inside. A couple of tips that I have recently learned about is to keep a spray bottle set on mist to keep it damp, therefore workable. You can also use it on wax paper, but this can provide a issue as you have to cut out an hole for your thumb to go through, and it doesn't always go as you plan.

A good habit to get into is blotting your brush between colors after you rinse; prevents extra water getting into your painting and blotching things up. If you want to blend a few colors, working fast is a must as they dry fast. When they dry, the color is final.

One of the many options of paint sets - this brand is my fave
One of the many options of paint sets - this brand is my fave

In breaking down acrylics; they are “an extremely versatile medium to work with because they can be painted as thickly as with oil paints, applied in their watercolor-type washes, or used to mimic the details of egg tempera, or combined with other media for a variety of effects & techniques” (Powell,41).

It was discovered back in the 1920-30’s so it is a fairly modern type of medium. Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros used them for his work, & held a workshop on them; “many of which used in his “Echo of a Scream” 1937” (

Depending on how you use them & regardless of the use they are easy to use& just as expressive as the other, older mediums.

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Acrylic Painting Techniques for Beginners

Acrylic Paint Class made Quick & Easy

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