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Adaptive web design or a mobile website?

Updated on September 29, 2014

Internet publications, corporate websites, blogs, news and information platforms, entertainment portals – all of them are more and more frequently accessed via mobile devices. If you wish to present your client with a convenient format, you will have to take into account how your web content adapts to tablets, smartphones, telephones and other similar devises with Internet connection.

In order to achieve this, you can choose one of two available options:

  1. Create a separate website for mobile devices. In this case the content of your main website should be synchronized with that of your mobile website. When your visitors access your website using mobile devices, they are automatically redirected to the version for mobile devices. We should also mention that such an option is an expensive undertaking.
  2. Create a website that uses the technology of adaptive web design, which takes into account mobile devices. The adaptive web design is a design for displaying web pages, which ensures that the website’s content is equally well displayed on all types of devices connected to the Internet.

Thanks to the adaptive web design your main website will display correctly both on a PC as well as on any other mobile device – mobile view is supported. Webpages are automatically being displayed in the best format possible. This method is also known as cross-browser webpage compatibility.

Adaptive website or mobile website – which one should we choose?

The use of the technology for adaptive web design ensures the correct and convenient display of a particular web page via a range of devices. A website created with adaptive web design can easily be described as universal. It will correctly display on a PC, notebook, tablet or a smartphone screen. The users will be able to make the most out of all web content via any device, without facing difficulties when consuming information.

A separate website is created for a particular mobile device. It will not display correctly on screens with different parameters. We should mention that presently there are too many devices of different screen sizes, which makes it practically impossible to crate a mobile website for each particular device. That is why the adaptive web design has clear and obvious advantages.

You create a single website which can be used by both desktop and mobile device users. This is an excellent choice for advancing both corporate and information projects. Users are presented with a comfortable, nice looking and functional website, which has a modern structure and correctly renders all its components. All benefit from its creation – both the owner of the website and its visitors.

If you no longer possess a mobile version of your website, you can enquire about it via our contact form by sending us information and asking questions. You will receive an individual offer for the design of mobile appearance for your website, conforming to the specificity of your web project.


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