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Admiring my wife's painting.

Updated on October 11, 2012

Amazed by my wife's painting.

My wife may be deaf but she is full of talents. She can sure do many things that most people didn't think she could do.

She decided to watercolor paint in the kitchen without any interruption as much as possible. I noticed what once she focus on something, she's determined to get it done. As over an hour passed by while I am checking out and learning about this website, I decided to go into the kitchen and microwave cook my burrito.

She showed me her art and I was blown away of how talented she was.

God blessed me with a wife who loves art.
God blessed me with a wife who loves art. | Source

As you can see, she's full of talents, I am so blessed to be her husband and be the man who get to see it first!

Love you baby!


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