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Advice for beginner quilt makers – choose an easy quilt pattern .

Updated on May 10, 2012
Easy Quilt Pattern
Easy Quilt Pattern | Source

Easy Quilt Patterns are a must for beginner quilters

Advice for beginner quilt makers – choose an easy quilt pattern

Don't worry we all start this way. Perhaps you know someone who enjoys quilt making, or maybe photos of quilts you have seen in magazines or books have inspired you. Whatever the motivation I am here to lend a helping hand as you begin your exciting new quilt making journey.

As a quilt-making teacher, many beginners have shared their stories of frustration with me. Although in most cases this frustration could have been easily avoided by getting some good quilt making advice at the beginning.

It makes good sense to get this advice before spending any money or using up valuable time.

One of the biggest factors to consider before making your first quilt is your choice of pattern. Choosing an easy quilt pattern is crucial to your success. Pattern selection is an important consideration that can be overwhelming when starting out. Do some research and look for beginner quilt patterns.

My fist advice is to choose a pattern that appeals to you. There is no point wasting both time and money on a quilt pattern that is not going to be enjoyed once complete. Choosing a pattern that appeals to you will also give you the motivation that you will need to finish the project. There is thousands of patterns out there. Take care not to be overwhelmed by the task at hand. Look through some quilt making magazines or beginner quilt making books until you find something that stirs the senses.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the perfect easy quilt pattern.

1. Select a pattern with straight seams. Squares and rectangles are ideal for beginners, avoid patterns made up of triangles, circles and curves.

2. Select a pattern with large blocks, this will make sewing your quilt quick and easy.

3 Select a pattern with clear instructions, plenty of step by step illustrations and requirements list

4 Select a small quilt pattern such as a lap quilt or wall hanging, do not try and tackle a Queen size bed quilt first up!

5 Select a pattern suitable for machine sewing, avoid traditional hand pieced techniques

Considering these pointers before sewing your first quilt will help you to avoid some of the common pit falls for beginner quilt makers. Choosing an easy quilt pattern that you like will help you to enjoy your quilt making journey.

Easy Quilt Pattern
Easy Quilt Pattern | Source


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