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Affordable, Professional Photographers in Lubbock, Texas

Updated on January 3, 2015

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

When searching for a photographer, it is important to find one that offers affordable sitting fees and is also reasonable with print prices. With this said, photographers have to earn a living too, so if you are wanting to hire a professional photographer in Lubbock, rather than going to a franchise studio, you cannot expect the fees to be cheap. Like the old saying goes: "You get what you pay for." You may also want to consider hiring a photographer that is just starting his or her business. They will most often charge below what more established photographers charge but still offer quality work.

List of Professional Photographers in Lubbock, Texas That are Affordable

Lane Anderson Photography
Lane Anderson Photography is a newer business, but this photographer has over 30 years of experience. He offers all types of portrait photography, commercial, landscape photography and fine art photography. He is very skilled, creative and his fees are reasonable. His session fees are $100.00, with decent print prices. You can view his work, location and get more information at:

Just Jenn Photography
The owner of Just Jenn Photography, Jenn Beene, is truly an artist in the photography industry. She specializes in newborn photography and wedding photography. In addition to stunning photography, Just Jenn Photography offers incredible editing and enhancement services. The pricing is affordable and very tailored to clients based on their specific needs. You can see her work at

Lucky Bee Photography
Lucky Bee photography offers unique, modern photography services, ranging from babies and families to general portraiture. The fees are very affordable, with a $75.00 session fee and a variety of reasonable print/cd pricing. You can learn more by visiting the Lucky Bee website at:

Mark Umstot
Mark Umstot has been around for a long time. He offers all types of photography services, has a good reputation and unlike other established Lubbock photographers, his prices have remained quite reasonable. His studio session fees start at $130.00. His portrait print pricing is also reasonably priced. To learn more, visit:

Essence Design and Photography
This company also has a creative twist with their work. They offer family, engagement, wedding, senior and portrait photography. Their fees start at $100 with a modest print/cd pricing. To find out more, go to:

Peter M. Studios
Very skilled photographer, beautiful work. He offers wedding, portrait and fine art photography. Portrait session is $150.00 at any location, any number of outfit changes. This also includes a cd. To see more, visit:

Courtney Hill
Courtney Hill is also very talented and puts her own modern twist into her work. She offers all types of photography. Cost for session fee is $125.00.To see her work and learn more about her services, visit:

JRN Photography
JRN is Jennifer Rackler. She is a newer photographer, but very talented. Her session fees start at $125.00. She specializes in weddings, children and portraiture. To see more, go to:


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