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Alexander Koester´s beautiful ducks

Updated on November 11, 2011

Alexander Max Koester(born in1964 in Neustadt -now Bergstadt- and died in1932 in Munich) was German painter. He studied at the Karlsruhe Academy of Art. Koester gain his living by portrait painting though his real interest was on genre painting. The realism depicted on the scenes of ducks is striking, it´s almost as a photo.

Koester is mainly known by his beautifully painted ducks, it´s even said in the art market,that the more ducks in the painting , the more expensive turns to be. He also painted landscapes and genre painting but they don´t enjoy even half of the popularity of his ducks . The ducks in his painting look dreamy, perfect with soft feathers and mostly floating majestically on water. The skillful use of light and shadows make the water look as a sharp mirror and the ducks lively.

Koester painted ducks and he excelled on that, he had formula and he used many times but instead of almost repetitive scenes of ducks, he capture the uniqueness of every moment. I read that he is considered ¨the Rembrandt of ducks¨ and I can´t agree more on that funny remark.


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