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30 Not-Very-Scary Scarecrow Crafts

Updated on January 2, 2018
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Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

scarecrow crafts ideas
scarecrow crafts ideas | Source

Before I retired, when I wanted to make a craft, I would have to spend hours looking for a particular craft that included a tutorial. Today, I spend more hours looking for particular crafts, but it is with the goal of writing articles that will help others easily find crafts that they want to make. In this article you will find photos of all scarecrow crafts and the name of the site where you’ll find the project tutorials.

If you are looking for crafts to make for this fall’s decorating, you’ll want to check out this article. There are some easy to make scarecrow crafts for kids, that will work well at home or in the classroom. All of the crafts will be fun to make and display during the fall Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.

Decorate for the Fall holidays by making the brown paper bag scarecrow centerpiece shown above. Find the tutorial at Craft Klatch.

1. Scarecrow Puppet

Imagine how much fun the kids would have making these printable scarecrows to hang at home or in the classroom. You'll find these pintable scarecrow images at Phee McFaddell. Easy!

2. Autumn Scarecrow Wreath

Adding a wreath to your door is an appealing way to greet your holiday guests. Make your family and guests welcome with a scarecrow wreath like this one. This outstanding tutorial is found on The Chicken Wrangler.

3. TP Roll Scarecrow

Crafters enjoy using recyclables in their projects and this tp roll scarecrow is an easy and delightful project to do with the kids. Go to crafty morning for the instructions.

4. Lollipop Scarecrows

I'm thinking that these would make cute treats to make to give the ghosts and goblins that show up on Halloween night. A cute lollipop treat! Find the instructions for this super cute treat at instructables.

5. Flower Pot Scarecrow

The little checked shirt and denim legs really make this a special little scarecrow craft. Easy, and cute enough to give as gifts. Find the tutorial by going to Ben Franklin Crafts.

6. Cereal Box Scarecrow

The expression on this scarecrow is priceless. Decorate your home with a centerpiece featuring a coffee can scarecrow. You'll find the directions for this very cute scarecrow project at Crafts by Amanda.

7. How to Make a Spooky Scarecrow

8. Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

Color or paint your own Wizard of Oz scarecrow using the printable from this site, SUCCESS SPRINTERS. What fun the kids will have with this project.

9. Tin Can Scarecrow

It shouldn't be too hard to find cans to make scarecrows like this. Maybe even use cans of differing height and circumference to make an attractive grouping for a table or shelf. This scarecrow craft comes from SHE KNOWS PARENTING.

10. Corn Husk Scarecrow

Dig out your fabric scrap bag to find just the right combinations to clothe your corn husk scarecrow doll. For the tutorial for this corn husk scarecrow, go to MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

11. Paper Bag Scarecrow

You'll be so pleased with all the different expressions you'll see when the kids get busy making paper bag scarecrows. A great way to entertain the little ones. Two Kids and a Party is the site that shares this craft.

12. Potted Scarecrow

Make this delightful Fall decoration to give as gifts to teachers, your neighbors or anyone you'd like to help celebrate the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons. Find the tutorial at CRAFTS FOR KIDS.

13. Hanging Scarecrow

This hanging scarecrow project has patterns that let you finish both sides, so it looks great hanging in a classroom. A wire coat hanger is the skeleton of this scarecrow. Find the tutorial and patterns at Kids & Glitter.

14. Glass Block Scarecrow

A glass block and a string of 25 clear string lights makes this a really beautiful decoration. Make an outstanding Fall centerpiece like this by following the tutorial at One SAVVY Mom.

15. Scarecrow Door Hanger

This painted burlap door hanger is super easy to make and can be hung indoors or out. To make this door hanger, go to Make a Scarecrow Door Hanger for the pattern and directions.

16. Craft Stick Scarecrows

Imagine all the fun you will have with the little ones while making these scarecrows. Add pieces of magnets to the back to hang them on the refrigerator. Find the instructions for making these craft stick scarecrows at Little Family Fun.

17. Scarecrow Pin

All your friends will want you to make them a scarecrow pin like this one, and it'll be easy to do using colored felt pieces. Find the directions for making this scarecrow pin at Create Your Crafts.

18. Paper Roll Scarecrow

Using an empty paper towel roll to make this scarecrow is a great way to recycle. This very easy craft can be done by even little kids. Find the instructions at all free crafts.

19. Build a Simple Scarecrow

When you want to decorate but you have very little time, consider making this simple scarecrow. You'll see how very easy and simple it is to make by going to the Skip to My Lou site for directions.

20. Terra Cotta Pot Scarecrow

I love the bright colors and big eyes on this scarecrow. This would be a great gift idea. For the tutorial to make this terra cotta pot scarecrow, go to A.C.MOORE ARTS & CRAFTS.

21. Candy Corn Scarecrow Treat Jar

If you need an inexpensive gift to give a neighbor, friend or teacher, this candy corn filled scarecrow jar would be perfect. Find the instructions for making this treat jar at Housing a Forest.

22. Lollipop Scarecrow

23. Scarecrow Watch

The kids so enjoyed doing this art project. You'll find easy instructions to make this project at Kids & Glitter.

24. Wooden Slat Scarecrow

The directions for this craft are very easy to understand and I think it would be easy to make a larger version of this scarecrow using a paint stick. Go to favecrafts for the tutorial.

25. Scarecrow Plant Poke

Decorate the inside and the outside of your home using scarecrow plant pokes that you have made yourself. I love the appearance of this project, with a tutorial at

26. Scarecrow Wreath

This is definitely an adult craft project as the tutorial includes making the scarecrow. A very attractive Fall decoration with directions found at favecrafts.

27. Paint Stick Scarecrow

This would be a nice activity to plan for the kids to make for Fall decorating. Use up your fabric scraps, buttons, beads and cords. For all the specifics for making this paint stick scarecrow, go to CRAFTS BY Amanda.

28. Simple Scarecrow Centerpiece

Felt, raffia and Styrofoam ball are the main supplies needed for this craft. Make your scarecrow unique by using other materials. Find the tutorial for making this scarecrow project at Simple Scarecrow Centerpiece.

29. Decoupage Scarecrow Jar

Make this really nice decoupaged jar scarecrow craft by following the tutorial at SHE KNOWS . The patterns for the hat and scarecrow features are included.

30. Popscicle Stick Scarecrow

Although there is another craft stick scarecrow in this article, I think this one is enough different to also be included. You'll find the instructions for this one at discount QUEENS .

© 2014 Loraine Brummer

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