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Amish Quilts | Quilt Patterns | Quilting Stories | and the best Amish recipes

Updated on June 30, 2012

Learn all about Amish quilt stories, quilt patterns and quilting secrets as well as their favorite recipes in the Amish quilting cookbook.

This is a fascinating book which combines the art of Amish quilting and the Amish quilters most favorite cookbook recipes.

Learn all about Amish quilt stories, quilt patterns and quilting secrets as well as their favorite recipes in the Amish quilting cookbook.

Now you can experience the time honored Amish cooking tradition and discover the Amish art expression at the same time.

Amish hand sewn quilts are highly sought after because of the artistic labor that the Amish women put into the design and then the hand stitching of the blocks before sewing them all together on a quilting frame.

Amish hand sewn quilts can fetch from $800 for a full size to over a $1,000 for a queen and king size.

The Amish Quilting cookbook is dedicated to women everywhere who enjoy the fine art of quilting and the delight of good food.

The stories take you inside the lives of seven Amish women who work together in a quilting shop. As each recipe section is presented a full page colorful picture of a showcased quilt is discussed.

Overall 18 popular Amish quilts are discussed surrounded by recipes used for wedding foods, breads and rolls, breakfast, meats and main dishes, soups, salads and dressings, desserts, cookies, cakes, pies jams, jellies, spreads, snacks as well at tips on making homemade garden and home remedies.

Some of the most popular Amish quilts such as The Double Wedding Ring, Weaver Fever, Mariner’s Star, Lone Star, Log Cabin and Star Spin are also discussed.

A real treat is reading through how the Amish family who owns the quilt shop prepared wedding foods for their three different daughter’s weddings. A long list of recipes is provided to feed up to 400 people. Eighteen Amish women cooked the day before and the day of the weddings to prepare for these crowds.

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You may already know the Amish by their quilts and home cooked meals, but you may never would have realized or appreciated all the Amish products that are available until you visit this unique back-to-basics online store.

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    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 4 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      I grew up in Indiana, which has a sizeable Amish population. One of my forefathers was a Brethren minister. I love the simple beauty of Amish craftsmanship--and envy their perfect stitching!