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An Artist's Perspective

Updated on May 11, 2015
"My Kiss" by Stacey Zimmerman
"My Kiss" by Stacey Zimmerman | Source

Gustav Klimt Quote

"Whoever wants to know something about me – as an artist which alone is significant – they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want. ”
- Gustav Klimt

I've always been intrigued by Gustav Klimt's work. Above is my own version of his famous "The Kiss". The details really pop out when light cascades over the iridescent paint. The gold is fantastic in this painting. Klimt's original is at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Austria and the size of the painting is quite breathtaking with his use of gold leaf.

I tend to look at art quite differently than most people. Walking up directly to look at the art up close and directly in my line of sight is not my style. I still remember years ago walking into a Thomas Kinkade gallery and they encouraged visitors to dim or brighten the light to see the how the paintings looked in different light. It was extraordinary watching the highlights in the paintings transform.

Does the art take you to another world? Are you drawn to the tiny details? Or do you look at a painting as a whole?

Try looking at art from a different perspective. Watch others' how they look at a piece. How do they react? Notice if specific art causes someone to have some sort of emotion? Have you ever heard someone gasp? Now that is art!

Capturing photos in different perspectives really grabs viewers' attention. Details are seen clearer and you can create interest and intrigue to draw them in. When I photograph my artwork I try to take photos at various angles to provide variances in the colors and light. You can really grasp the size of the work and the details. For instance, it is important to see how the painted edges of the canvas on gallery wrapped canvas merge with the completed work. Texture in a painting such as a thick application of paint can be clearly visualized as well.

Thomas Kinkade Quote

"Beauty is found in anything that delights the senses, nourishes the soul, fires the imagination.”
―Thomas Kinkade

A Spanish moss tree painting "Southern Charm" by Stacey Zimmerman
A Spanish moss tree painting "Southern Charm" by Stacey Zimmerman | Source

Canvas has many imperfections and I find it quite interesting how you can see the fibers and texture under the paint. The painting above was inspired by the Spanish moss trees in Florida. The moss draped trees are so dramatic.

How does art make you feel? That is a such a vague question since all art is different. How about this piece? What do you see? Does it grab your attention? Does it take your breath away? Do you feel calm and at peace? Sad or emotional? Elated?

Do you notice the art around you in hotels, banks, restaurants and physicians' offices? I'm always taking notice of the visual art around me on a daily basis.

My goal as an artist is to take the viewer on a journey and to create a compilation of color that merges into an image or story in your mind, thus producing healing or inspiration. Picasso said "Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." This is so true! Art can be a visual feast.

Spiritual Tribute by Stacey Zimmerman
Spiritual Tribute by Stacey Zimmerman | Source

Artist Quote by Stacey Zimmerman

“Relish the little details, even in the imperfections of your piece of canvas or the splatters of paint on your hands. Savor the moments in creating art, the odor of the paint and the feel of the brushes in your hand. This is all about being an artist.” –Stacey Zimmerman

Some of my paintings have hidden angels. This particular piece above is named "A Spiritual Tribute". As the light hits this painting at various angles, you may see some iridescent angels. Hopefully it will give some viewers a sense of hope and peace.

"Waterfall Symphony" by Stacey Zimmerman
"Waterfall Symphony" by Stacey Zimmerman | Source

"Waterfall Symphony" is a favorite! Looking up from the bottom of the waterfall is quite awe inspiring, even motivating, maybe to some viewers. Climb up the waterfall ! Although the water is going down and the pressure is pushing you lower, look upward and be strong. Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy this video of the process of a painting. Notice the different angles of the painting near the end of the video. You can get up close and personal with "An Impressionist's Symphony". Thanks for visiting!

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