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An Effective Method to Remove Candle Wax

Updated on August 27, 2015

DIY: Bath & Body Works Candles

Candle jars repurposed for decor and storage on my desk space.
Candle jars repurposed for decor and storage on my desk space. | Source

How to Remove Candle Wax

Do It Yourself projects (DIY) are great ways for repurposing things that there is no longer any use for. They're also cost effective! The best method to use to remove candle wax from its jars is by leaving them in the freezer. If you want to remove the candle wax right away, you can leave it in the freezer for several hours, or pour boiling water over the candle. Differently, I find the freezing method to be more easier and hassle free than the heating method. When I was researching the best ways to remove candle wax, I did not have a butter knife to stick in the candle to make slices/slits. Interestingly enough, I used kitchen shears to make slices/slits. If there were visible cracks that's where I put the most pressure. Sometimes, the candle wax was intact when I pulled it up and other times, it shattered. All in all, I found this method to be more effective with the removal of the wicks. If the wicks were being too stubborn, I would take the kitchen shears and pull it out.

How to Clean Candle Jars

I first submerged the candle jars in 3-4 inches of lukewarm water. As they were submerged, I used a sponge or Brillo Pad to get rid of excess. Since, the candle jars were soaked, it was easy to then take off the bottom label. Also, I would take the sticker label off. Lastly, I would then wash the candle jar completely. To note, I did use a sponge and Brillo Pad that was brand new. Not one, I used to wash dishes. Now you're ready to store items!


There are tons of creative ways to reuse candle jars for different purposes. It's neat that they're glass jars because you can see the items in them. That's why I don't only find them effective, but for great decor pieces. You can choose to put lids on them. The candles that I repurposed above had neat lids, so I decided to put cotton swabs in one jar and jewelry in the other. The candle jars don't necessarily need lids and can be used for more larger items, like makeup brushes. Overall, I like how it's not only functional, but also doubles as a decor piece.

One way to Reuse old Candles

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