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A Guide to Becoming Artsy Fartsy

Updated on August 3, 2016

How to Become Artsy Fartsy

Remember that "Artsy Fartsy" does not mean you will be the greatest artist of all time. It means you will be creating abnormal art. You're taking the impossible and making it into something colorful. This is for people who want to make art a hobby and have trouble with thinking of things to create. It is a way to exercise the mind into believing any creation is possible. This is just a way to have some fun and get funky.

Step One: Find your favorite hangout spot

This hangout spot can be indoors or outdoors. (I personally prefer outdoors)

If you don't want to go alone feel free to bring a friend along with you!

Step Two: Put on your favorite jams

The best way to get your mind to start thinking creatively is to put on your favorite tunes. (This will allow your mind to relax and focus more on just enjoying the moment)

Step Three: Grab some paper and some crayons

Try not to worry too much about what exactly it is you will be drawing. Too much thought will close off your mind to new ideas you could come up with later. It's best to stay relaxed. I encourage picking ONLY your favorite colors as your crayon choices.

Step Four: Think of 3 interesting things and write them down

These things can range from animals to plants to any kind of object.

Example: (animals) Tiger, Flamingo, Elephant

Example: (fruits) Apple, Banana, Strawberry

Step Five: Morph your 3 things into a masterpiece

Think deeply about the 3 items you chose and decide the coolest way to execute ALL 3 things as ONE final product.

Example: (animals) I would take the ears and trunk of an elephant and place it on a tigers body that had flamingo legs

Example: (fruit) I would take the shape of an apple but have it peeling like a banana, and have a leafy top like a strawberry

Step Six: Color like a maniac

Color your finished drawing with the colors you originally chose. I know that they may not go with the normal color of the things you chose but THAT IS OKAY! This is what will make your finished piece "Artsy Fartsy". You are creating something unique and your color choices should reflect that. I promise it is worth it.

Step Seven: Show off your masterpiece

You finished!! Look at your final product and admire it because YOU just created that! I knew you had a creative side to you. You are now officially an Artsy Fartsy Artist.

What's your favorite mediums for art?

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