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An Unseen Artist in YOU!!!

Updated on December 3, 2014

If You Can See Beauty In Everything, You Are An Artist.

Before learning how to sketch o draw anime or cartoon characters or anything else, I would like to first say about ‘what is an art?’

A person learns how to draw, how to do panting or make sketches using different material, different ideas, different techniques. It is one of the most valuable, basic skills he or she can learn or do.

Art is a very interesting subject. It has a large quantity of meanings. Many people have different definitions of art of their own. Most people think that art is a drawing or painting or some type of work that people do it on free time. I think there are more awesome and meaningful definitions to art than just a drawing or painting. Art can also be amazing and heart bursting, something new and never seen or no one has ever wondered. Whether the artist is trying to communicate or show his emotion, his imagination or way of thinking or something else, the most important thing is how well the viewers receives it. For me, art is a piece created using imagination and thought. When a person performs or creates an art, such as painting or sketches, their imagination strikes in and helps to create the piece of art. Each person may have their own definition of art. It's very hard to define art in one sentence or even in an essay or a thousand words. Sometimes, it is one's feelings that he or she can't express his or her thought that a person wants to define in a way of art. Thus, art's purpose is to guide people to be independent, to be creative or self-imaginative. It also directs them to understand the deeper meaning of life.

- Now Let's Get Started

If you ever join or take an art class or if you ever go to learn how to draw or sketch, the first thing the teacher would do is say you to create an art of your own. Usually what you start doing is to draw a scene, view or start sketching what you like. Have you ever wondered 'why the teacher says you to create an art of your own ?' I think many of you know the answer but if not then, teachers usually say this to the student to see student's ability of imagination, how far s/he can be creative ?, how can student create many types of artwork using different materials. Maybe it's pencil, colored pencil or paintings, to see his or her skills of creating an art.

We often search in internet for many drawing, sketching, painting or craft courses; the fact is that there are different and many types of arts that suits all different people in the universe so why don't we try to learn or do something new from time to time... These online lessons on the internet are really an inexpensive way to improve your skills not only on art as well as in different other subjects. It helps to uncover hidden talents in you.

It's true that now you can learn how to right here, right now.

With these simple step by step online art lessons you'll be improving your technique, art skills and your creativity in few times... and you'll start to improve your skills than your previous experience.

I absolutely love to draw and sketch and do some handy craft work. Cartoons, anime and things related to nature especially, drawing and sketching - are two of my favorite things I love doing besides other. And being so passionate about art and craft, I really think it's amazing, awesome, fantastic to share some of the free step by step drawing lessons here with you on this hub.

Is this you're first time learning how to create an art of your own? - If yes it really is, don't get scared or sweat it! It's actually a lot easier than you might think how it might be. Just remember that practices make you perfect. It is a universal truth. :P

Well before you get going with the how to draw arts lessons, please... make sure and follow one thing and that is to always remember to be as creative and imaginative as far possible that you can ever think you can be.

Well now after all this lets get started to be an artist, grab yourself with something to draw and something to draw on. I especially refer you to draw on an art book or sketch pad.

Learn how to draw a human body eye.

Step 1.

Decide what kind of materials you need to use in this art work. In this tutorial I have used a pencil to draw, of-course. I recommend using a piece of cotton to get better depths for a more realistic look. You also need a drawing paper foe this art work, hope you know this right :P (I recommend you to buy paper that is especially for drawing, it doesn't have to be expensive but make sure the paper is good). I have also used a pencil sharpener, tissues (to blend) and an eraser to erase mistakes, of course. :)

Step 2.

Start sketching outlines of the eye which includes in your body part :). If it's still hard for you to get the right shapes, try to make it seeing a book, internet or the picture I have given. Draw the sketch very light (make it light in order to ignore a dirty look) so you can erase it if you make mistakes. Make sure to keep your pencil sharp throughout the whole drawing since it helps the drawing to look good. This will give very awesome results.


Start to draw the pupil dark. Then start shading the iris (portion of pupil) very light. I used a pencil and tissue to do this. If you're done with the first layer of graphite, add more layers to the darker areas. There's no need to put more pressure. The multiple layers will make it darker automatically and easily. The iris always has this darker outer line and in my drawing I also made the upper half darker to give it more depth and which helps it to look more realistic.


Blend the iris until it looks smooth and good looking. There are many blending tools, but I personally like to use tissues because it gives a nice smooth result than any other material. After you're done with blending, add more layers with a darker pencil and blend it again. Keep repeating this step until you're satisfied and well done with the result.


To finish the iris and make it more detailed and give a realistic look, add little scribbles to the iris. These scribbles (to make a small sketch) are like waves. Draw this without much pressure. Some are long waves and some are short. Keep repeating this until the entire iris is filled in.


Now add some shades to the eye-white. The eye white isn't entirely white. Remember that it's a ball and not a flat surface, which means there, should be some shading and should be looking as a real eye ball.


Here we are going to draw the tear duct. Give it depth with darker areas and some highlight to give it a wet look since it is a only muscle in our eye.


Add shadings to the rest of the eye with the help of the tissue. Make sure not to forget the waterline. Draw the areas close the eyelid darker as well. If you want you can add some highlights with an eraser to give it some skin texture. This might give a better result.


Now add the eyelashes. Make sure that the eyelashes are long. The upper eyelashes are curved and go upwards. Start on the upper line of the eye shape, draw a curve on the eye-white (don't go too far) and extend the line until it's just above the eyelid. The lower lash line is curvy as well. The lower lash line starts under the waterline. Try to use the similar technique as the upper lashes but of course a lot shorter. Give each eyelash (from the upper and lower lash line) a slightly different direction for a more natural look.

STEP 10.

The last part is the finish in touch! What I like to do is to draw the reflection of the eyelashes. Add some highlights where you think it's needed and darken some areas until you're satisfied. Now you are done!. Hope you've made a awesome eye. :D


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    • Samyukta Shrestha profile image

      Samyukta Shrestha 3 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal


    • profile image

      Suraj 3 years ago

      good job. I was willing to know about art and finally found the exact note.

    • Samyukta Shrestha profile image

      Samyukta Shrestha 3 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      Thank you all

    • irishbabeniall profile image

      MansoonH 3 years ago from Mullingar, Ireland

      wow!! totally fabulous loved it!! :))

    • profile image

      Subira 3 years ago

      this really helps

    • Samyukta Shrestha profile image

      Samyukta Shrestha 3 years ago from Kathmandu, Nepal

      Thanks Garimaa

    • profile image

      Garimaa 3 years ago

      It's really good.