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An Incident That Made My Life a Living Hell -- And Changed Life As I Knew It.

Updated on March 27, 2012

On Thursday July 15th, 1999 I said " If you get there before I do, Don't give up on Me, I'll get there when my chores are through, I don't know how long I will be, But I'm not gonna let you down, Darling you just wait and see, Between now and then, Till I see you again, I'll be loving you, Love me. Those are lyrics to Love Me, sung by Collin Raye and dedicated to my fiance Marty, who is waiting in heaven for me. That was the caterpolt that began what I've come to call two years of living hell.

That following Saturday I discovered my 15 year old daughter was pregnant and the next day while driving home after we dropped her boyfriend off at the airport to go visit his mother in Florida the engine in my van blew up. I stood on the side of the highway, looked up towards the sky, saying, I've passed all the test, back off, enough is enough.

What I didn't realize at that time was it was only the beginning, the tip of the iceburg and my life was going to get much worse. Prior to Marty's passing he discovered that money was missing from one of his hiding spots. I figured he misplaced it and one day it would turn up. After his passing I received many cards, letters, gift cards and cash from family and friends trying to help my financial burden. Marty didn't have life insurance so there wasn't any nest egg I could use to pay for his wake, funeral and all the expenses associated with his death. I began to discover that some of the money was missing and I knew without a doubt who the culprit was.

I didn't accuse just quietly stated that with all the stress I was under, all that transpired between Marty passing away and my daughter being pregnant that it was time for Paul to find somewhere else to say. Supposedly he was staying to offer support but I knew better. The weird part is, Marty always felt there was something wrong, he just didn't have a good feeling about Paul and I began to discover, he had good reason. Making him leave caused tension between my older two daughter's and I. They felt I wasn't being fair and should let him stay. From there on, I was the bad guy and they kept letting him sneak into the house.

There always seemed to be something missing which tipped me off to his being there. He even had the utter gall to steal a Raiders gym bag that was Marty's and I had given it to our daughter, who was 5 years old and and just lost her best friend. She was a Daddy's girl from day one and this was hard enough on her why did that *&& have to steal that. We discovered he stole his wallet, a brand new tent my brother in law stored on my porch. Imagine my surprise when his dad told me all about the tent he brought and was sleeping in now. Imagine his father's anguish when he realized that he was still stealing.

Then there began the influx of homeless people he would bring to my house while I was at work. The drug pharafanila I found, the baggies of acid I discovered, tin foil, melted cancel and bent spoon. These were all dropped off at the police department, they already knew the story because my sister in law worked there and a close family friend as well. When I was dropping the stuff off I spoke to our friend telling him that Paul made a veiled threat against my brother in law which I was told was grounds to obtain a restraining order. I was granted the order for 30 days then I had to appear back in court to express my concern regarding his knack for revenge I had witness when someone upset him, the parade of homeless people, possible drug dealers and the items I found, that I was worried about myself and my youngest daughter. The order was extended for a year.

That's when the phone calls with no one there began, the police raids because they received calls that Paul was being hidden in my house. He had runs in with the Tewksbury and Lowell Mass Police Depts and Nashua NH as well. Those times that I actually discovered him hiding in my house I called because if I hadn't I would be violating the restraining order. They would come and search sometimes not believing me, others aggrivated that they couldn't catch him and they began to direct their frustration at me. It was suggested that I may be taking drugs and just needed a little attention. I was beyond upset at that time. I am the victim and was being treated like the criminal. By this time my daugther was close to giving birth and she was being pushed to step up to the plate and do the right thing, turn him in.

They considered arresting her because technically she was breaking the law by letting him hide out in my house. By the Grace of God, just a week before she gave birth they found him in my garage sleeping in my brother in laws truck. Opps I almost forgot he also stole my checks and tried to forge one claiming I was paying him for house work, this is one of the reasons there was a warrent for his arrest amoung other things. By dropping his ID at the bank when he ran out after they told him they had to verify with me that his clame was accurate he sealed his own fate.

They actually could spot light him on America's Dummiest Criminals. The time he was in jail was peaceful, no worries, nothing was stolen, the house wasn't being broken into, there weren't homeless people there and I think I actullay slept more than two hours one night. Since Marty's and this I was lucky if i slept more than two hours combined. I heard every noise and couldn't relax enough to sleep. This played havic on me emotions and problems at work. My mini vacation was short lived, he served two months and then was put on probation. He supposedly learned his lesson, his father helped him get a job and he seemed to have smartened up. NOT!!

He lost his job for " borrowing" a company van which was reported stolen, and he drove my daughter and granddaughter around in. He was once again parading the homeless people through my house and I was told by someone who he sold drugs to that he was dealing from my house. This young man knew our family and didn't feel it was right especially since there was my youngest and daughter and granddaughter living there. Then he had the brilligent idea that he would use and sell the drugs he received, keep the money for himself then sell fake drugs and thought no one would realize. Well when dealers he ripped off started looking for him, coming to my house with guns he found out differently. By the Grace of God he was there hiding out because I can only imagine the bloodbath there would have been if they killed him there and we were all home. It sickens me to think of that to this day. Man I am telling you God worked overtime watching out for us.

Things seemed to get worse and worse. We found out he and one of his friends were grabbed off the street, pulled into a car and had the barrel of a gun put in their mouths being told this was only a warning and they wanted either the money or the drugs back. This seemed like an never ending nightmare. Then to add insult to injury because of the problems we encountered and because my older daugthers allowed him to keep hiding out, the landlord ( aka brother in law) was fed up, had enough, was tired of fixing things he broke and having to paint over the graffati he would leave on walls and doors in the house. The house was being sold and we all had to find somewhere else to live. I began to go see houses and apartments, there seemed to be at least 30 people at the same time viewing the places I was looking at.

When the house was sold I still hadn't found us a house, had to move our stuff in storage and make other arrangement. We were lucky in the respect we had family and friends to help us out. My youngest daughter and I said w/my friend Sue and her family for a year then had to go to my parents for another 6 months where my oldest daughter had been staying. My younger daughter and granddaughter initially stayed with the sperm donor and his father until Paul stole once again and they were all kicked out. Then she and the baby went to my inlaws. Paul stayed with various people, stole from them all or members of their family leaving him homeless because he pretty much burned all his bridges.

Then the dummiest america's criminal stuck again. He drove by a women in a parking lot, grabbing her purse, tapping her with the car caused her to fall, a crusier had just come into the parking lot so the women's husband ran to the cruiser to tell them what happened and the chase was on. It came close to an end when he hit a Chelmsford Police cruiser but he bailed out and took off on foot. They were worried they wouldn't find out who he was but he was nice enough to leave a back pack w/his idenity and the papers he received three weeks prior when he was released from jail. He was apprenended and faced a slew of charges. They found out the car was stolen on the same day he was released, he was being charged with armed robbery because he used the car, assulant and battery with a deadly weapon and 4 other women he robbed in the same manner came forward. He took a plea bargin and was given 5 years and probation. By the time he was released my daughter was in a new relationship and wouldn't take him back so he moved to Florida, good, he's there problem now. Oh and I was able to have my address ( I bought a condo ) compounded, they can't release it for any reason. I was able to get a premanant restraining order and my nightmare is finally over.


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