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Ancient Kauri Treasures

Updated on December 19, 2011

Little Treasures

I call this list of gifts treasures because they are made with a very special wood that was buried underground a long time ago. Today that wood is dug up, milled and then used to make many kinds of very special gifts.

History of Ancient Kauri

Ancient kauri wood which was formed when trees were buried underground many years ago in New Zealand. At that time, the existing kauri trees fell into peat bogs, or swamps, that preserved the huge trees, and today those huge logs are excavated and milled into workable wood. Often you will find ancient kauri wood used in very special interior designs in estate homes and yachts. But you can also find amazing pieces on a smaller scale.

If you think you would like to own your own piece of this exotic wood but you want something on a smaller scale, take a look at these pieces for inspiration. Many of these items are sold with a signed certificate of authenticity from the seller.

Many beautiful gifts such as guitars, clocks, sculptures, pens, jewelry, bowls and platters are available. I have listed mostly items in the US.

New Zealand crafters also offer many items. Although kauri trees are still grown in New Zealand today, these particular items are made from ancient kauri wood which is harvested in an earth-friendly manner from underground sources where it has been preserved for many years. Learn more about the wood at my hubs: Ancient Kauri is Both Exotic and Eco-friendly and Harvesting Ancient Kauri Wood.

Treasures & Gifts

Here are some gifts I have seen on the web (some may already be sold)

Ancient Kauri Museum

To learn more see the New Zealand museum website at

Perfect Gift For A Special Occasion

Because the wood is so special, it makes the perfect gift for a special occasion.

  • Wedding & Anniversary - photo frame, engraved sculpture, clock
  • Special Birthday - jewelry, guitar
  • Promotion or Business Accessories - desks, pens, trophy
  • Memorial - cremation urn, memorial jewelry


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