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Anime Drawing Tools

Updated on June 5, 2011

Drawing Tools for Anime

Spectacular Anime Drawing Tools
Spectacular Anime Drawing Tools | Source

Anime Drawing Tools

Drawing is usually fun and relaxing hobby for most art enthusiasts. Unfortunately, for anime artists, drawing can be a very stressful and daunting experience as extreme amounts of vivid imagination is needed for understanding exactly what to draw and how to make it artistic. Surprisingly, the tools required for an anime artist are extremely similar to those which are used by regular artists.

Regular artists create art as a hobby and complete them with simplicity. Of course, beyond the normal utensils associated with art of any form, anime artists must have a wide array of color pallets. These are not necessarily considered tools per se as they are up to the individual artist to use while many anime characters can be free from color. This article covers a brief overview of anime drawing tools to point one in the right direction of becoming an anime artist.

Simple List of Anime Drawing Tools

Providing a simple and well thought out Anime Drawing Tools list is perhaps the best manner in providing the best anime drawing tools. Simple list is given below:

  • A set of pencils with very hard led and soft led ranging from 6H to 6D.
  • An ebony pencil that is comprised of extremely dark graphite.
  • A kneadable eraser. Prior to use, ensure you have kneaded the eraser until it is pliable and ready to bend in any direction necessary.
  • A white eraser exclusively for artistic use.
  • A pad of sketch paper with a 50lb paper weight or bond paper.

Other miscellaneous items should include good light and a basic understanding of how to use each of these items listed above. Fortunately, each item will provide a very basic list of instructions for maximum use. Be sure to read through them if you are unfamiliar with any of these products listed above. Ensuring this, you will have the basic operational aspects of each product which will ensure a much better and more creative result.

Secondary Anime Drawing Tools

The secondary anime drawing tool is the imagination. Often overlooked and perhaps most important, imagination is what drives the anime art world into what it currently is and what it wants to be.


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