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Another Knitted Ski Cap for the Cold Weather

Updated on November 7, 2007

Swirled Ski Cap

1 Skein white 4 ply yarn. 1 skein contrast 4 ply yarn ( or various amounts of different colors for rainbow ). size 8 Knitting needles.

CAST on 30 (child) or 40 (adult) stitches.

Row 1 Knit.

Row 2 Purl 1st two stiches tog. Purl to last stitch. Knit twice in the last stitch.

Row 3 Knit

Row 4 Purl 1st two stiches tog. Purl to last stitch, Knit twice in last stitch.

Row 5 Knit

Row 6 Repeat row 4.


Row 7 Purl.

Row 8 Knit 1st two stitches tog. Knit to last stitch , knit twice in last stitch.

Row 9 Purl

Row 10 Repeat Row 8

Row 11 Purl

Row 12 Repeat Row 8. Repeat thses 12 rows 7 times (9). Cast off. Pick up 84 (108) stitches on bottom of piece. Knit one Purl one for 20 (30) rows.

With main color yarn, sew up side seam, gathering top together-make pom-pom and sew on top. NOTE : This amount of yarn will make two caps. If you want a solid color cap, you just need one skein of yarn.

For Rainbow : Use different colors on Knit rows and white on Purl rows or rows 7-12

It is also fun to do this cap in plain colors with baby yarn and smaller needles. I made quite a few and donated them to the Maternity Ward at our local Hospital :o)


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