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Recipes into Scrapbooks

Updated on July 14, 2017
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I have been writing since I was in my early teens. I have taken a couple creative writing classes in college. I'm also a photographer

Homemade Recipe book

Made by Jodi Edwards
Made by Jodi Edwards | Source

Scrapbook for Recipes

Things you will need to make this: (I bought all my stuff at hobby lobby)

3 1" rings, fabric, (hobby lobby sells sheets for .50 each) ribbons, index cards, stickers, paper, 2 pieces of cardboard, (i used the back of 2 spiral notebooks for both front and back), I used a cardboard dividers that I actually bought at H.L.also came with 3 rings. (see illustration 1) glue gun, glue sticks, 3 hole punch and any other scrapbook supplies you would like to use.

First you need to plug in your glue gun :) Next, use the hole punch to make holes in the piece of fabric and the notebook backs. Add the fabric to both pieces of cardboard, with the glue gun to make a book. Add the 3 rings to the wholes so it looks like an open book.

(see Illustration 2)

Next, we are going to put this aside for now.

Use your index cards or already made recipe cards by adding decor on it. I used all the different scissors and construction paper, colored index cards for mine, to make it look better than just a plain card.Write the recipe you wish to use. Do this for several recipes. You can just glue the already recipe cards to some construction paper. Once you have your recipes ready, just hot glue them to construction paper or a bigger card then put it in the 3" rings.

(see illustration 3)

You also want to make some dividers, so you can find things easy. I used, Entrees, Sides, Snacks and Dips, and Desserts, but you can use what you want. I just took some of the thicker construction paper and cut a design around the tabs, narrow, to make a tab. Glue it to the beginning of your "tabs".

(see illustration 4)

Once you have everything you want in the scrapbook and are ready to put it together, just start making holes in the cards. And add it all together. Insert your tabs as well.

Now we get to decorate!! See rest of Illustrations to see what I did when making mine. I added some different things for both girls, to add to their own personality. It was great fun! Even my Mom asked for one for her birthday!! So, will be working on hers next month!!

Illustration 1

Cardboard dividers
Cardboard dividers | Source

Illustration 2-4

Open Book
Open Book | Source
Parts of Scrapbook
Parts of Scrapbook | Source
Cardboard Dividers
Cardboard Dividers | Source

About the Illustrations

You can see that in the Illustrations above, that I just decorated the dividers as well as the cards, and then glued them!  I cannot make a straight line so I had to use the ruler as well. I used tons of different stickers, notes and things for decorating. I bought some of the "construction paper" that was already decorated, to put around the index cards, or even used the index cards as the background.

Next illustrations you will see how I did the tabs as well.

Illustrations 5-9

More parts of the scrapping
More parts of the scrapping | Source
Cards decorated
Cards decorated | Source
Adding the decorative things too
Adding the decorative things too | Source
Added my own touch by telling them what seasonings to always have on hand
Added my own touch by telling them what seasonings to always have on hand | Source
Title page with tabs
Title page with tabs | Source

Fun with Scrapbooking

In the illustrations above, you can see how I did a lot of the cards, tabs, and carboard dividers, the decorations and even the type of scissors I used. I call them the squiggly scissors, as each one has a different design. I got those at walmart several years ago.

I hope you enjoyed this version of how I do my scrapbook recipes! Of course this is just a short version of how to do it, you make it the way you want to do it. I added some front decorations, flower, sticker that says "Big Sister" and "Little sis", plus even added my own little note to both of them. Good luck with your scrappy's! I will posting more as I make them!


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      Nice idea and great photos. Especially as you get used to formatting, you may want to consider adding a table with items needed. I have found them useful in breaking up text and photos. You'll be old hat at this soon! Keep going!