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Minnesota Hobbies: Apple Carving Crafts

Updated on February 26, 2016

It's NOT a Pumpkin, It's An Apple


Apples, Apples Everywhere

You may be asking yourself what kind of a person ruins a perfectly good apple by carving a face onto it, but rest assured this apple had a slight defect before I even started and I felt no guilt cutting it open.

I drew on it with a Sharpie marker. If you draw it with the eyes triangles pointing up like I did, you end up with a happy looking apple face. If you draw it with the point of the triangle pointing down, your apple lantern will appear be more evil and scary.

I used one of our Rapala fillet knives. It has a strong pointed end and it worked great for making sharp corners on the teeth, nose and eyes.

I hollowed out the apple a little. I was tempted to cut the top off and hollow out the inside and put some sort of small candle inside, but I have not. SAFETY first. Apples will catch on fire and you do not want a house fire.

Someone else online placed a small LED touch light in theirs and it lit up very nicely. I did not get so creative with mine.

You Start With An Ordinary Apple


Use Sharpie to Draw a Face


Cut Features With Sharp Rapala Knife


Apple O'Lantern


How About You

Have you carved an apple instead of a pumpkin?

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Lemon Juice

One more thing to do to your new apple creation. You will need to pour a little lemon juice in each of the holes you've cut in your apple. The pulp in an apple will oxidize and turn brown on contact with air, so you'll need to coat the hole with lemon juice. Lemon juice will keep the apple white.

Lemon Juice to Preserve Apple Pulp


Shep Shapiro

According to a newspaper clipping that I found in my father's things, a man in the 1960s named Shep Shapiro was visiting his mother in the hospital. Since the hospital visits involved long days of sitting around, he started amusing his mother by carving on apples.

This is 2015 and his apples are still around. They are dried and coated with some sort of varnish. They, of course, are almost 50 years old. Spectacular carvings of faces on an apple. Features, characteristics.

You can find them on eBay. People are selling them. Some fetch over $30 a piece.

Recently, he has passed away, but the family can sure be proud of his legacy, being passed down as heirlooms in other families.


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