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Aranmula mirror of Kerala

Updated on December 29, 2014

Aranmula mirror


Aranmula, a unique hand made mirror

Aranmula mirror is a hand made beautiful product made of metal alloy mixture. The complete secret of this product is only known to a family of the village. Unlike ordinary mirror Aranmula mirror is front reflecting type and this mirror has historical relation with Aranmula Parthasarathi Temple. Secondary reflection absent in this mirror and is protected with Geographical Indication Tag.

Owners pride mirror

People believed that Aranmula mirror brings luck and prosperity in the home. The secret of its making is unknown as the precious family of Aranmula is very success in keeping it behind the curtain for ages. This particular mirror reflect only the upper part unlike ordinary mirrors where mercury is often used for reflection. There is no gap between images reflected from Aranmula mirror and this specialty is a wonderful thing about this product.

Aranmula mirror is very sensitive and one should not use hands to clean its surface. You can use cotton clothes and should be keep away from heat and dust. The dust and heat will damage the mirror easily and should be handle with a lot of care.

History of Aranmula kannadi

Mirror, locally known as 'Kannadi', is famous as Aranmula Kannadi. Tradition merge with culture and loyalty and the outcome is a beautiful mirror. It is believed that a particular metal used for bell is mainly used in the Aranmula mirror. Pathanamthitta district of Kerala where Aranmula is located is world famous for Sabarimala Temple. But Aranmula mirror is a special thing they kept in their heart with lot of proud.

History says that this product raised from the blessings of Goddess Parvathy. Once eight families of Tamil Nadu state brought to the Aranmula Parthasarathi Temple and they accidentally invented the reflective nature of copper tin alloy. But unfortunately they could not able to do the process for the second time. People believed that Goddess Parvathy told the secret of the product through a dream to one of the family member who was a lady widow. From then the secret is carried to the next generation orally in very traditional manner.


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Historic values

The history of Aranmula mirror dates back to 1st century and it is used in Baghdad and Egypt. The curiosity and the secret of its making add its beauty and uniqueness. Today Aranmula mirror is available in all parts of the world and its price is ranged from hundred to ten thousand dollars. Anyway unique style attracts more price.


What is the special of Aranmula mirror?

1. It's a special mirror made of special metal alloy.

2. This mirror has special primary reflection from upper part.

3. It cannot be made easily and the making secret is kept in a single family. The making duration usually lasts for more than 7 months.

4. Aranmula mirror is one among eight precious thing used in the Aranmula temple for the worship of main deity.

5. Silver nitrate coating is absent in Aranmula mirror.

Some known facts of Aranmula mirror

The complete secret of the product is known only to a prominent family member of Aranmula village. The London Museum proudly houses a large, 45 centimeter, Aranmula metal mirror along with other precious articles. A mold from local mud is used for its construction. Wax casting along with special oil is used in certain unknown way for its making. A special kind of cloth is used for last finishing work.


Jute fiber and clay

Jute fiber and paddy field clay plays important role in Aranmula mirror. These items used to make main mold of the mirror. The unique combination of copper and tin is the main secret behind the product. The metallurgists in the Aranmula village whose ancestors believed to brought here from Shankaran temple of Tamil Nadu for the renovation works of Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple.

Aranmula mirror making video

Seven workers in the family

Now there are only seven members who know the secret of the Aranmula mirror. They work round the cloak to meet the high demand from the different parts of the world. Unfortunately Aranmula mirror is making nowhere else Aranmula of Pathanamthitta.


How to get one?

There are many websites offering Aranmula mirror and price is varied from sites to site. It is always advised to rely on a trusted place and one had some good experience. Just consult other customer who purchased the mirror. The great idea is to own one precious item from Aranmula itself if you are a visitor to Kerala, God's own country.

How to reach Aranmula of Kerala

A markeraranmula -
Aranmula, Kerala, India
get directions

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