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Art Collages for Toddlers

Updated on February 18, 2013
Mono Chromatic Red Collage
Mono Chromatic Red Collage

One Color Collages

Make a simple collage with your toddler or a group of toddlers using a mono chromatic color theme. For example create a collage using just the color red. Cut out red items from magazines, cards or scrap booking papers. Red objects like plastic bottle lids, toy cars, yarn, stickers, or cloth can be added too giving the project more of a layered look to it.

The effect of using just one color is very interesting because of the wide variety of shapes and textures within the piece. It'll be fun for the children to see just how many things they can find and put in one picture that are all the same color.

Food Collage
Food Collage

Themes for Collages


♦ Plants

♦ Holidays

♦ Cars

♦ Toys

♦ Seasons

Food as Art

A great way to start a collage is to use one large object to serve as a focal point. It's then easy to build around it with smaller items or pictures.

To find pictures of food check your local newspapers for grocery circulars. Also food packaging within your own home can come it handy for making a fun food collage. You can even add a few coupons to the food collage. Play food items are fun to add as well as other plastic fruits and vegetables.

To glue items cut out from newspapers and magazines a basic glue sticks work just fine. For larger items good old Elmer's glue will do. Just give it time to dry before moving the project around to much, preferably overnight.

Alphabet Collage
Alphabet Collage

Alphabet Collage

This collage idea will win your toddler over with colorful letters from A-Z! Poster letters from a previous project along with a few magnetic letters, stickers and a scrap booking cutout helped pull this project together. The only other supplies used included a glue stick and some Elmer's glue.


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    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 3 years ago from West Virginia

      Cool ideas! I especially like the one of making a collage of things that are the same color.

    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 4 years ago

      My grandson loves finding items to make collages. I started saving different colored bottle caps to be re-purposed in collages too. Thanks for the vote and positive feedback.

    • Gail Meyers profile image

      Gail Meyers 4 years ago from Kansas City - United States

      This looks like something my grandchildren would love for us to do. I just love the creative ideas in your hubs. Voted up and useful.

    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 5 years ago

      Hi Tammy I do hope you have fun trying some of these ideas.

      Hi unknown spy so glad your checking out my hubs and enjoying them!

    • unknown spy profile image

      IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      This is also a fun and wonderful idea!! Love your hubs!

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

      This is such a great idea for winter fun! I will give this a try.