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Art Galleries London - London Art

Updated on May 11, 2011

ICA London Art Gallery

Whilst I was in central London and not too far from the British Museum my friend decided he wanted to check out the ICA art gallery in London to see if there was any new work since he'd last been. Being an artist myself I was interested to see what was being represented as 'British Art' but I am not really a fan of installation and do not know enough about video art to be a big fan of it.

I am actually going to see more video art at the 'Quad' in Derbyshire on my last week of travelling so I will be able to make a comparison between what I see here and what I saw in London.I embedded a Youtube of 'Nathaniel Mellors' who had a 3 part film series called 'Ourhouse' on display at the ICA London art fair.

I was delighted to see that it wasn't only film that was on display at the ICA art gallery in London but there was a small section with a few paintings, posters and original prints which I will discuss below before you watch a clip of what is currently going on in the exhibition.

London Art and Film

Larry Cohen is an American film producer, director and screen writer who is most well know for his horror and science fiction movies during the 70's and 80's. The movie that will be on display on the 5th May 2011 will be 'The Stuff' and it was produced in 1985, but I doubt he ever imagined it would be in a London art exhibition since he has continued making great films such as 'The Ambulance' all the way in to the 90's and the new millennium.

'The Stuff' was a satirical comedy horror that involves a man discovering a sweet sugary type substance down a mine and it is also highly addictive when eaten. The 'Stuff' is marketed as an alternative to other popular deserts because it is apparently low in calories but it is later found to have far worse side effects when it people realise it is a living organism!

Art Galleries London

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a massive amount of information about the prints and original paintings that I saw because my friend knew we'd have little time to visit the British museum if we spent too long looking in detail. Also the London marathon was happening that day which meant we were delayed in reaching the art gallery and they were using the venue as a place for the 'Barnado's team' from the marathon to organise themselves.

However I did get the name's of two piece's, above there is the immensely accurate 'Get behind thee Satan' graphic artwork that includes 'pentagrams' and the 'all seeing eye'. Whilst below there was a bizarre and quite shocking piece called 'Johnny Ball Chin' which was created using pen and ink.

London Gallery Art

Personally I prefer the good old days of the painted canvas since a lot of installation work can be made by anybody who isn't a skilled crafts person and as long as they attach a 'philosophy' to it people will fall in to the hype.

However I was captivated enough to sit and watch Nathaniel Mellors 3 part film series called 'Ourhouse' and even though me and my friend found the storyline hard to follow, perhaps we needed to watch them completely to get the overall concept. Ourhouse is set in a mansion in the English countryside and stars the eccentric 'Madox-Wilson family whos relationships begin to deteriorate after a strange male figure arrives in their house known as 'the object'.

This was Nathaniel Mellors first major solo art exhibition in London with drama, sculpture, film making and music, to formulate an individual language with which to address contemporary issues. I personally liked the robotic heads titled 'Hippy Dialectics' which is based on a main character of the films.


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