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The Popularity Of Vintage And Other Poster Art Auctions

Updated on August 18, 2011

Art Posters At Auction

Poster art has always been popular with the range of reproduction art from expensive paintings from famous artists becoming available for art collectors to purchase much cheaply then the original paintings. There are many different styles of poster art to be found and the many types on offer make them really collectible, such as Abstract art poster prints which can sometimes sell for a few hundred dollars, like the Les Menines by Pablo Picasso which sold for around nearly $600 on Ebay.

Of course there are many other art posters that have sold for much more money because of their value per collector and the demand that each collector will pay the price for. Some poster prints might sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars and you yourself could shop around for some bargains. Looking on Ebay turns up some quite interesting results and you would have to keep a regular eye on what's new and this is achievable with some studying of the category listings for art prints.

Like many other collectors markets you'll be surprised at what might sell for more than something else, it's because there are many smaller demands for art poster prints that collectors want and they want to feature them in their collections so they will buy them up at a higher price. Japanese market for posters might include their own manga art and Asian film posters, but alternatively you can bet that posters from around the world like stuff for McDonald's and American style art posters will do well in the Asian market too.

Never overlook other art styles in posters like modern art on auction listings and always do your own research into the posters listed as to the pricing as you will get some people who simply will not budge from a high price even if they are wrong on the price and they have some delusion of how much the art print is actually worth. People that price some posters too high are just thinking of the money and not wanting to add to a collectors own poster archive.

Modern art including photography of stars past and present are always a popular collector item as are printed advertising from the 1900's onwards, anything you have in good condition from Movies, TV and other major brands are worth a small fortune and if you ever came across an old Time Machine one day it would be worth getting a few art portfolio cases and getting as much advertising as you can.

Whatever poster art you are looking for to buy or sell, the popular ones seem to be rock concert posters and advertising before the 1970's as they seem to fetch a higher price according to avid print collectors. So your favorite bands of yesteryear and old Coca Cola printed ads might be worth something if you still have any in good condition.

Other posters that could be in demand art drawings or illustrations that are also part of an advertised brand or current theme of the era, for example back in the 50's in America there would have been some promotion and propaganda surround what to do in the event of an Atom bomb being dropped and these would have been illustrated in a vintage art style that would have been similar to the comic book art style that was all the rage back then.

Rolling Stones and The Beatles were popular icons and have best selling posters such as The Beatles Abbey Road poster which has been re-printed many times.

Vintage Poster Art And Art Poster Auctions

Vintage poster art of the San Francisco bridge.
Vintage poster art of the San Francisco bridge. | Source

Poster Art Auctions

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