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Art in the World, Art in the Heart, Art in the Mood of Forgiving and a Glance at a Star, Artist Anish Patel

Updated on July 29, 2019

Art subjects

Rift Valley
Rift Valley
Autumn in Maine
Autumn in Maine
Hawaii countryside
Hawaii countryside
cityblock with lillies
cityblock with lillies
Sunset at Poipu bay
Sunset at Poipu bay

Principle of art

Come onto the art scene more than 20 years ago as a self taught artist with some formal training. As the essence of his art is “oneness” there is a dark and light element which is central to all of his work. He is inspired by many musicians and writers and is a talent himself in these fields as well, its important to experiment in related fields.

The art I create has a certain moodiness to create distance within a painting, as the light colors blend, the dark colors separate to create a sense of wholeness or comfort. My style comes from the likeness of using abstract principles with landscape themes to give the viewer the best of both worlds.

The stroke I use is free-form and has a lot of energy to give the audience a chance to reflect upon the goodness of sought after beauty, sameness, and unity within our angelic souls. There tends to be first feelings of love and desire to lead into a changeless being.

I became first inspired by such painting masters such as Monet, Cezanne, Leonardo Da Vinci and continue to find their originality, independence of expression to be most important. Nonetheless, I continue to realize experiments that are true in love can never leave a better imprint on the soul.

Socially we adhere to only what lies in the depth of our hearts to include viewers of the dark light and people who discover that truth is light. Whatever may be their preference we should give all of the essence of the East in the light of social decisions.

Much of art discusses the originality of pieces that must come under vast scrutiny, passing the trial of time and knowledge of one's subject. Fear of decision-making is another clue as to why art suffers when one distances himself from his or her own reality.

Many artists come to grips taking art lessons on structure and form not realizing that truth is justified in the final art of brushstroke, the first principle of fine art. Now I am not saying being a stucco painter is all that bad, ha ha, although we should give each lesson in painting its own tutor, leaving no brushstroke to chance.

Some argue that lessons by a professional teacher is everything to creating good art, but that leaves nothing to the talent of the artist oneself, neither to give the audience the ablilty to discern what could have been accomplished on ones own,  


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    • penofone profile imageAUTHOR

      Anish Patel 

      7 years ago

      Thanks James I appreciate the comment and would like to see more sites about art from you! you have good insight,

      P.S. God is irrelevant to me and my work.....

      Laziness is my greatest evil and detriment to society in general



    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      Your artwork is truly beautiful. I especially love the first one in the gallery above, "Rift Valley." You are gifted. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us here on HubPages.


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