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Updated on May 30, 2013

Michelangelo self portrait


Bounarotti Michelangelo was an Italian painter sculptor, and architect. His most famous, marble statue, called the David, influenced the style of art of sculpting in the Renaissance era greatly. Michelangelo, and most sculptors after him, made statues that were very idealized. Mostly they were naked and guys were often muscular. No statue of men had hairy chest. These statues were very thorough and detailed. The statue of Moses was very famous too.

Michelangelo painted too sometimes. He had some great frescoes which he mostly painted. His frescoes showed Biblical figures and events. He mostly painted Adams and Eves, Jesus and Madonnas.

Probably the most that he accomplished was as an architect. The greatest and most complex project he had was the St. Peter’s basilica on Rome. Michelangelo architected it and he painted all the frescoes up on the ceiling of it. These frescoes together with the whole basilica were among the most world famous of his works.

When Michelangelo painted he was very careful with the shadings and the shadows. On the paintings and frescoes he made people were very buff. He was excellent at the proportions of the body parts too.


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