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Art of Thailand

Updated on February 29, 2012

The culture, people, and traditions of the Asian nations have fascinated the western world since its discovery hundreds of years ago. The center for the epic ingenuity and unique art is centered on the south eastern Asia. The area now known as Thailand has produced a tremendous amount of unique and architectural art pieces that truly reflect the traditions, values, and beliefs of this country.

Currently the capital of Thailand is the central location that prominently displays hundreds of art pieces that have been created by the people of Thailand. Here, you can truly enjoy the uniqueness and creativity of the artist and their craft.

The true colors of Thailand can be seen in every piece of art work. They reflect more than just the artist view, but also hundreds of years of peace, war, and religion. With, over 10 different art galleries just in Bangkok that hold a different variety in each. So, getting to visit each one will totally enthrall you in the light of these countries peoples.

The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism, followed by Hinduism and Christianity. Each of these religions has portrayed in the hundreds of pieces of exquisite art. They have been painted in water color, ink, etched, crafted, burned and a number of other unique ways. A lot of the portals tell the story of each of them and a different moral to each story. Each painting is so engrossing the some of them actually help you feel a part of history that they were drawn from.

A lot of art that you see coming out of Thailand today is modern art. This art has a lot of western influences on it now. So, it creates a unique masterpiece mixed of the traditional and modern styles of eastern and western artist. These can be found in many of the museums across the city.

It is not just in the museums that people enjoy modern and traditional works of art. Many of the sculptures and modern designs are built all around the city. Some of the famous ones are located right in front of main temples and tourist areas. Some are covered into rock on the imposing stone face cliffs. Some ways of expressing art are through the numerous murals you can see throughout the city. Of course\, you have the Graffiti artists that help with the some of the more unusual murals. But, it is all art none the less.

Some of the museums you will find in Bangkok are University Art Gallery (BUG), Chulalongkorn Art Centre, National Art Gallery, and Queen's Gallery. Every gallery has their unique styles and points. Even most of the work in a lot of these galleries can be bought for the right prices. Along with the multiple art exhibitions that are available to the country on a regularly basis. Thailand is one of the best places to see the traditional and modern, artistic forms come together to paint the perfect picture of beauty


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