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Artificial Silk Plants – Silk Flowers and Artificial Plants in the Home

Updated on June 8, 2011
Artificial silk plants and silk flowers are the perfect centerpiece for the home
Artificial silk plants and silk flowers are the perfect centerpiece for the home
Artificial silk plants and silk flowers bring the outdoors into your home
Artificial silk plants and silk flowers bring the outdoors into your home

As more people become interested in interior design and themes, encouraged by the growing number of home design shows and magazines, houseplants are surging in popularity. Most modern designs incorporate plants to break up sharp angles and add softness and subtlety to a room. Plants add color and texture, acting as the final embellishment that can take an interior theme from beautiful to truly sublime.

However, bringing plants into your home does carry a number of disadvantages, and they can, quite simply, be far more trouble than they are worth. The interior designers on the TV happily scatter plants all around the home, but forget that they can go home at the end of the project; the homeowner has to nurture them.

The Problem with Houseplants – Artificial Silk Plants

Plants require a lot of maintenance and attention and, while many people have green fingers and can grow beautiful, healthy plants, many of us do not have this talent and end up with dying, sickly specimens. Plants act as the focal point and final addition for your home but, if they are less than perfect, then they will ruin your interior theme and create an awful first impression. However clean, tidy and well decorated your home, dead plants give the impression that you do not care. As a result, artificial silk plants and silk flowers are becoming indispensable.

Even notoriously delicate bonsai tress are available as artificial silk plants
Even notoriously delicate bonsai tress are available as artificial silk plants

Artificial Silk Plants and Silk Flowers – The Logical Choice

In world where people spend long hours at work and commuting, trying to find time to spend quality time with their family and friends, many simply cannot devote the necessary time to nurturing delicate and temperamental plants. Many seek an easier way to combine the beauty of using plants to brighten a room, without the high-maintenance and constant costs. Savvy homeowners are turning to silk plants as a way to enhance interior décor, blending beauty and elegance with effortlessness.

Ten Reasons for Buying Silk Plants – Elegant and Easy

Silk plants are elegant in their own right, with the delicate and sophisticated modern techniques making them practically indistinguishable from the real thing. They give all of the benefits of houseplants, without the many disadvantages.

  • If you invest in silk plants, you don’t have to worry about spending time watering every night. Going away on vacation does not mean that you have to leave the plants with a neighbor, try to persuade family and friends to visit your home, or pay strangers to do the job, trusting them with the keys to your family home. If you have a second home that you visit occasionally, a quick dust when you arrive is the only maintenance your silk plants need.
  • Silk plants are so easy to keep clean; you only need to dust them occasionally and use a silk flower and silk plant cleaner twice every year. You don’t have the hassle of clearing up fallen leaves or petals.
  • Silk plants are child and pet proof. Most people understand that children and pets do not go well with plants, as anybody who has had to clear up soil from overturned plant pots will confirm. This isn’t a problem with artificial plants; you simply put them back into place, without any mess or fuss.

Artificial silk plants and silk flowers are intricate in their realism
Artificial silk plants and silk flowers are intricate in their realism
  • Quality silk plants mean that you don’t have to worry about infestations of insects entering your home, burrowing into the soil beneath your plants. With artificial plants, you never have to worry about infestations of pests or disease killing them, or concern yourself with finding locations that are not too hot, too cold, too humid, or too dry. You can site them anywhere without problems, even where it is too dark, too cold, or too hot for houseplants to thrive.
  • Silk plants are not toxic in any way. Many homeowners think that their plants are safe, and do not imagine, in their wildest nightmares, that they are a risk to children and pets. You might think that you know which plants are toxic, but some very common houseplants are on the list: Hyacinth, Daffodil, Oleander, Elephant Ear, Castor Bean Plant, Bird of Paradise Plant, Peace Lily, Lily of the Valley, Chrysanthemum, Poinsettia, Crown of Thorns cactus, Cyclamen…the list goes on. Many common indoor plants are highly toxic to cats, dogs and children, so buying artificial silk plants will take that worry away.
  • Silk plants, flowers and trees are available in a wide range of styles, materials, colors, and textures. Instead of painstaking handcrafting artificial plants from silk, silk plants now incorporate sophisticated modern techniques and methods, using a range of materials to give delicacy and realism. For example, artificial trees use real wood for an authentic effect, and variegated leaves, and a range of color palettes, take silk plants to the next level of authenticity.
  • Studies have shown that having plants around you in the home and workplace is beneficial to health, reducing stress and tiredness. This effect extends to artificial plants, too, so you can use them to create a relaxed atmosphere in the home or office.
  • Silk plants are hygienic: You don’t have to worry about cleanliness if you want to include silk plants in your kitchen or on the dining table. They are clean and do not run the risk of harboring harmful soil bacteria or insects.
  • Silk plants are available in a bewildering array of styles and types, covering every available common indoor plant and more besides. Whether you want floor plants, table plants or hanging baskets, you can choose from a wide selection and combine them with a beautiful container that perfectly blends into your overall décor.

Artificial Silk Plants – The Affordable Beauty of Artificial Plants and Silk Flowers

If you want to find a way to bring the beauty of houseplants into your home, without the hassle, then artificial silk plants are the way to go. A few strategically placed, realistic artificial plants and silk flowers will act as an accent piece for the table or lounge, enhancing the beauty of any home and creating a relaxed atmosphere. has a beautiful and elegant array of artificial and silk plants, enabling you to join the design revolution and make a haven of peace and beauty.

Hanging artificial plants are just one of the many styles of silk plant available
Hanging artificial plants are just one of the many styles of silk plant available


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    • Marilyn Fritz profile image


      4 years ago from Nevada

      Great information! It is so true that real house plants can become burdensome to care for, though they do help supply oxygen. Outdoors, I prefer the real thing, but indoors I am switching to artificial for two reasons. The Southwest is experiencing a drought, so I will help conserve water by using artificial plants (might just do that outdoors too), and secondly I can make one corner a jungle without having a lot of work involved.


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