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Artist Drawing Video Collaboration On Youtube

Updated on August 18, 2013

Artists Collaborate On YouTube

There are many artists on YouTube all at various levels in their art, but all that deserve a little promotion along the way to be noticed for their art and a little recognition for the time that they put into their own artwork in their art videos that they upload to their own video channel. And so having been approach by a superb artist in her own right Dragonbesas10 asked me to collaborate on a video together and now this has turned into a Monthly event which other artists can get involved in and the idea is we all link to each others videos, rate, comment or subscribe to each other creating a strong network of artists and a little promotion along the way.

The first month it has just been us two doing our own interpretation of a chosen theme and that was Nightmare and in the coming months we will be coming up with other themes that any new artist that comes along can try and draw their own interpretation of and in turn motivate and promote each others videos and generally just pat each other on the back for their hard work.

This was inspired by the excellent movement over at SilentRisings on YouTube that has started to help promote other channels and create a strong promotion among gamers and other original and most deserved YouTube Channels.

The first video is Dragonbesas10's art video in which she uses the classic Time lapse video editing technique which cuts down on file size and something that I should take a note of doing. The drawing in the video was created with Charcoals and the finished result is something really special indeed. You can check that art video out below and if you are an artists and you have a YouTube channel then do drop either one of us a message or comment if you are interested in joining this fun artist collaboration.

Artist Video Collaborations On YouTube Month 1 - Dragonbesas Nightmare Art/Drawing

Art Collaboration

There are no real strict rules, although there are some loose things to remember if you want to join this collaboration of artists. And here are the loose words to remember....

  • It's a monthly collaboration - Videos to be finished for the 30th (ish).
  • Stick to the them that is chosen and then we can check out each others vids.
  • An interest in art is a must.
  • Any level of artist can collaborate, because art is what you make it.
  • You can use any medium that you are comfortable with using. Pens, Pencils, Paints etc.
  • Be positive when commenting on others videos.
  • Be able to share others videos through social media and generally help other artists out.

And so that's the small print out of the way. Lets look at my drawing video which also followed the same theme Nightmare and surprise, surprise I drew a Nightmare Demon in my art video. I usually do three step drawing processes, but since this was a collaboration video I put it all into one 33 minute video(Yes a bit long, but you can skip to the end if you wish!)

You can watch the video below and this is really a collaborative event it's not a competition to draw better than anyone else it's more of a way of sharing creative artistic vibes with each other as an artist community through YouTube and plus you can learn a lot from looking at other artists videos too, the way they work and how they draw etc.

Artist Drawing Video Collaboration Video - WayneTully 1 Draws A Nightmare Demon

More Collaborative Works Of Art For The YouTube Art Promotion

Some more artists have been added to the Artists Drawing Video Collaboration and the hope is to add more and more artists and we'll promote and share all videos between us or just comment and be positive about the whole idea....

YouTube Artist Video Collaboration

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    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      The videos?

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      jfay2011 6 years ago

      Those two links in the middle of you text. What are those?Are they widgets?