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Attending a photography workshop in Venice, Italy

Updated on October 10, 2012
Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian
Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian

Hands-on experience

Photography workshops are a special occasion for learning to which all photo enthusiasts should think to participate from time to time. The chance to observe and learn directly from professionals, especially if high-level professionals, not to mention the opportunity to discuss with them your ideas, make these events a must-do for all those who really want to make significant progress, and the experiences and knowledges acquired on these occasions are unsurpassed by any other learning opportunity.

Whether it‘s a workshop on landscape photography, wedding or portrait, if the topic of the course will be the scope to which you are most interested then your motivation will greatly benefit from it. It must be underlined that not only the fans of photography, but also professionals can often find good reasons for inspiration from this kind of activity since it is definitely true that there is no end to learning.

Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian
Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian

A contagious atmosphere!

One of the biggest advantages of participating in a photography workshop is the chance to meet other people passionate about photography as much as you, if not even more. It‘s not easy for an amateur to meet other people with whom to exchange experiences and opinions, which is why a workshop is the perfect environment to share knowledge, ideas and questions about the common passion. Thus, in addition to instructors and staff, the other participants become a key learning resource. Beginners are, for many reasons, those who can benefit to the maximum degree from attending photography workshops since, fully immersed in these highly educational environments, they can significantly speed up the initial learning pace that would otherwise require a much longer time and, likely, less satisfactory results.

Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian
Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian

New skills, latest updates

But of course, also advanced amateurs and even professionals can find great benefit from these events; being photography by its nature a highly subjective form of expression, the opportunity to explore new techniques and creative expressions is essential for all those who are truly willing to develop their skills. The latest news on equipment and softwares, as well as the latest trends of expression in various fields of photography, are disclosed and discussed during these photography workshops, with great advantage, and enjoyment!, of the participants. Last but not least, how not to mention the rare opportunity to show your images to established professionals to receive their comments, praise and, most of all, constructive criticism on how to improve certain aspects of your photography skills.

Amazing locations

Another aspect that greatly contributes to the success of photography workshops is that they are often organized in locations of great attraction and charm; therefore, in addition to the pleasure of visiting wonderful places, they offer the opportunity to practice your photography skills in exciting and unique environments and challenge your comfortable habit of taking photos of well known subjects!
And this is the privileged situation in which find themselves those who participate in photography workshops in Venice, by definition the city of photography. Its breathtaking scenery and the unique atmosphere of this amazing city become the ideal place to stimulate new creativity and test new skills learned during the workshops.

Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian
Photo © 2012 Fabio Thian

The magic of being in Venice

All of these benefits, plus many more, can be found in photography workshops organized and conducted worldwide by David Nightingale, one of the most popular photobloggers in the world and a well known photography instructor of highest level. The first event run in Italy, "Venice Carnival Photo Tour", was an amazing success and it will be repeated at the next Venice Carnival in 2013.

But the closer, and equally interesting, event in Italy by David Nightingale, "Creating Dramatic Images" workshop, is scheduled in Venice again before the end of the year, on 24th-25th November 2012.
The workshop will cover the topic of how to create eye-catching images, taking into account all the workflow necessary to get the final image starting from the moment you evaluate the scene through the viewfinder, prior to press the shutter button. Among others, the course will address issues such as:

• how to optimize the exposure in regards to the following post-production work
• the best tips and techniques for converting RAW images
• assessment of what changes to make onto the image
• an in-depth teaching on the use of post-production techniques
• the various tools available in Photosop and their best use
and a lot more....

All photography workshops in Venice, Italy, held by D. Nightingale are run in cooperation with Imaginevenice, a Fine Art photography website which, besides photography workshops, also organizes various activities all focused on photography such as exhibitions, meetings and debates.


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    • DpsDave profile image

      David Orr 

      6 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Hanging out with others with the same interests is good for the spirit and good for the head! It is amazing how free people are about sharing ideas, tips and tricks. How in the world did you come up with the cash to go the Italy?

    • GClark profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      This certainly sounds like a wonderful workshop. I totally agree with you about the benefits of attending photography workshops; I attended one held in Paris 2006 and learned a great deal; especially about selling photos to stock photo companies, etc. Interfacing with others with the same interests attending from all over the world also was great fun.


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